What is the chicken connoisseur real name?

The Pengest Munch, the viral YouTube chicken shop review channel by “chicken connoisseur” Elijah Quashie, appears to be broadening its remit. In a video review of Chicken Diner in Old Street, Quashie announced that his channel will now be called The CNSR.

What does The CNSR stand for?

Meaning. CNSR. Conference on Communication Networks and Services Research. CNSR. Communication Networks and Services Research (conference)

How old is CNSR?

About 29 years (May 1993)
The Chicken Connoisseur / Age

How old is Amelia Dimoldenberg?

28 years (30 January 1994)
Amelia Dimoldenberg / Age

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Does Amelia have a boyfriend?

Chicken Shop Date’s Amelia Dimoldenberg Shares Glimpse Into Relationship With Aitch. Amelia Dimoldenberg from Chicken Shop Date and new boyfriend Aitch are fans’ favourite couple ATM.

Are Aitch and Amelia a couple?

However, they were first seen together in 2019 when Aitch guest-starred as a date to Amelia on her Youtube channel video, Chicken Shop Date. In March 2022, Aitch and Amelia confirmed that they are dating after weeks of speculation on social media.

Where is Watson Amelia from?

Born in East Windsor, Connecticut, she was tutored at home by her mother, an amateur painter. She studied painting in nearby Hartford with Dwight Tryon, whose Tonalist landscapes clearly influenced his young student. Watson evolved as a dedicated teacher, especially of women.

How old is Amelia Dim?

28 years (30 January 1994)
Amelia Dimoldenberg / Age

How much is Amelia Chicken Shop worth?

Amelia’s net worth is estimated to be $800,000 which would approximately amount to £605,000. Her main income is made from Youtube and sale of merchandise.

Does Amelia own the chicken shop?

Biography. Amelia Dimoldenberg is the Founder and CEO of Chicken Shop Date, a one-of-a-kind dating show with over 170,000 subscribers on YouTube.

How old is Amelia Sanchez?

Amelia Sanchez (PTP)
Amelia Sanchez
Gender Female
Hair Black
Age Early to Mid 30’s
Occupation Former Actress (Pre-Apocalypse)

What race is Amelia Vega?

Vega’s parents are second cousins-twice removed and both are descended from Cuban-born brothers José Nicolás Vega y Pichardo and José Rafael Vega y Pichardo; her ancestry is 53/64 Dominican, 3/64 Cuban and 1/8 (or 8/64) Lebanese.