What is the rarest Pez dispenser?

One of the rarest of all Pez Disney dispensers is Mary Poppins, which released in 1973 and has no “feet.” There are two variants, one with painted cheeks and one without. The non-painted version is worth around $750, while the model with some blush will put some more green in (or out of) your pocket.

Which PEZ dispensers are worth money?

Modern – Check the patent number on the side of the dispenser’s stem to see what numbers are listed. Dispensers with patent numbers 2,620,061 and 3,410,455 are a bit more valuable because they were made between 1952-1974 – a hit period for Pez.

What is the rarest PEZ candy?

The most expensive PEZ dispenser is the Political Donkey.

There are only two of these rare PEZ known to exist, with one being uncovered in a home in 2012.

What is the oldest Pez dispenser?

The Halloween Witch becomes the first traditional character head dispenser in 1957, while Popeye adds to the variety as the first licensed character in 1958.

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What was the first PEZ flavor?

PEZ Candy was first invented in 1927, in Austria by Eduard Haas III. It was only made in a very strong peppermint flavor. The original name of this novelty candy was “Pfefferminz” which is the German name for peppermint.

How do I identify an old PEZ?

Located on one side of the stem, and towards the bottom, you will find a line of molded type that will say either “U.S. Patent #X,XXX,XXX”, or European Patent “DBP 818,829” (Deutsches Bundes Patent), or the words “BOX Patent”. The “BOX Patent” marking is the oldest *patent* found on a PEZ dispenser.

Should I save PEZ dispensers?

Besides being worth more, the dispenser will also be better preserved if it is left in its original intended packaging.

Can you sell PEZ dispensers?

How to sell a collective PEZ dispenser. Your best bet is probably eBay. This list of eBay search results shows the most recent PEZ dispenser sales, which can give you an idea of what yours might go for.

How do I sell my old Pez dispenser?

Those that aren’t placed on a display can be stored in plastic tubs.
  1. Take digital photographs of each dispenser, or scan them and create a photo album in your computer.
  2. Write a concise description of each dispenser.
  3. Sign up with online auction and sales sites, upload some of the photos and try selling them online.

What was the first Pez dispenser made?

The first PEZ mint dispensers, known as “regulars”, were similar in shape to a cigarette lighter and dispensed an adult breath mint marketed as an alternative to tobacco. They were invented by Oscar Uxa. Haas Food Manufacturing Corporation of Vienna was the first to sell PEZ products.

What was the first Pez dispenser head?

In 1955, at the urging of vice president of U.S. operations Curtis Allina, PEZ introduced its first character-shaped dispensers—a robot and Santa Claus.

What is the most popular Pez dispenser?

Santa Claus is the highest-selling Pez dispenser, since it was created in 1955. 3.