What is the salary of Pooja Hegde per film?

Her remuneration has now surpassed Rs 5 crore, which is terrible. According to sources, this is the most recent money she received for puri Jagannath’s film (Rs 4 crore for her payment and Rs 1 crore for her staff salary and other expenses).

What is the salary of Pooja Hegde in Beast?

pooja hegde, the Beast film heroine in the film, has been informed about her huge salary for acting in the film, amidst the eager anticipation of the song by the Ilayathalapathy fans. It has been reported that she was paid around Rs 2 crore in telugu and Rs 3.5 crore in Beast.

What car does Pooja Hegde have?

Pooja has an impressive collection of luxury cars which include a Porsche Cayenne worth Rs 2 crore, a Jaguar worth Rs 60 lakh and an Audi Q-7 car worth Rs 80 lakh. Last year, she bought a sea-facing apartment in Bandra, Mumbai with a gorgeous view of the Mumbai skyline.

Is Puja Hegde fair?

Hegde’s fair and lovely look in the film isn’t because she is fair in real life.

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Which caste is Hegde?

Hegde or Heggade Pergade is a surname found mainly in the coastal Karnataka region in India which is found in different communities. It is found amongst Hindus of the Bunt community, Jain Bunt community, Havyaka Brahmins, Vokkaligas in Karnataka.

Is Pooja Hegde rich?

Pooja Hegde’s age is 31 (years old) as of 2021 and she was born and brought up in Karnataka in a middle-class family. Her net worth is estimated to be around Rs. 30 Crore.

Is Pooja Hegde is in relationship with Prabhas?

The statement read, “These reports are completely baseless. Prabhas and Pooja Hedge have great respect and admiration for each other. In fact, they share a great camaraderie off-screen and that has translated into some magical onscreen chemistry.

Is Pooja Hegde non vegetarian?

For Pooja, fitness starts in the kitchen. She will eat everything including non vegetarian food items. She especially loves fish and detests salads. However, that doesn’t mean that she wont eat a salad if she needs to.

What race is Pooja Hegde?

Pooja Hegde was born and brought up in Mumbai, Maharashtra in a Tulu-speaking family. Her parents are Manjunath Hegde and Latha Hegde. They are originally from Udupi, Karnataka. She also has an elder brother Rishabh Hegde, who is an orthopaedic surgeon.

Can Pooja Hegde speak Tamil?

Speaking about pooja, he said that actress pooja hegde had worked hard for the film ‘Beast’ and although she could not speak tamil fluently, she had learned and spoken tamil for the film.

Is Radhe Shyam hit or flop?

Worldwide Collection of Radhe Shyam

In total, the mega-budget flick collected Rs 151 crore at the worldwide box office in its lifetime. The distributors’ share stands at Rs 84.2 crore.

How can I contact Pooja Hegde?

Actress Pooja Hegde Contact Information
  1. Facebook: www.facebook.com/PoojaHegde.
  2. Instagram: www.instagram.com/hegdepooja/
  3. Snapchat Id: NA.
  4. YouTube Channel: NA.