What is The Terminal List book about?

What is The Terminal List about? The Terminal List follows Navy SEAL Lieutenant Commander James Reece after the events of a devastating covert mission in which his entire platoon of SEALs is ambushed and killed. Reece returns home in shock, unable to process what’s just happened.

Is terminal list a true story?

No, The Terminal List is not based on a true story. The series is instead based on the fictional novels of author Jack Carr. Carr was once a Navy SEAL himself, drawing on this experience to develop characters and plotlines.

How many books are in terminal list?

Terminal List A Thriller series 5 books Collection Set (The Terminal List, True Believer, Savage Son, The Devil’s Hand, In the Blood) By Jack Carr.

How does Terminal list book end?

Reece goes to escape but is spotted by Tony, who tries to capture him, but in the end, his sympathy towards the broken and hobbling Navy SEAL wins out, and he lets Reece go. Three weeks go by, and Katie’s story has been published, exposing the truth about Operation Odin’s Sword to the world.

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Who betrayed Reece in The Terminal List?

Ben Edwards

A former SEAL and teammate of Reece’s, Edwards is a CIA agent that acts as Reece’s partner in executing the list throughout the series, until it’s later uncovered that he was the one who set up the ambush on Reece’s SEAL team (Operation Odin Sword), which resulted in their deaths.

Does terminal list have a happy ending?

By The Terminal List’s ending, James Reece sails off on Edward’s boat, there’s no resolution for Reece’s tumor, which is likely intentional as it leaves the issue to be further explored in the next season, which will no doubt be based on the second book in the series, True Believer.

Did Ben betray Reece in The Terminal List?

Sadly, it turned out to be Ben. The last sequence of The Terminal List saw Reece confront Ben on his yacht. Ben admitted to the betrayal but said that he was not involved in the death of Reece’s family.

Does terminal list follow the book?

Prime Video’s adaptation of Jack Carr’s novel The Terminal List has a number of differences from the book to the series. Starring Chris Pratt as Commander James Reece, The Terminal List follows his quest for vengeance after his SEAL team and family are killed in a cover-up conspiracy.

Who is the villain in Terminal list?

Jai Courtney returns as the villain as tech billionaire Steve Horn. He also has various other villainous roles in “Divergent,” “Suicide Squad,” “A Good Day to Die Hard” and “Terminator Genisys.”

Will there be a season 2 of The Terminal List?

As of Sept. 22, Amazon has not ordered a second season of The Terminal List, but in a recent interview on Jack Carr’s podcast, Chris Pratt told viewers to rest assured. “To the rabid fans of The Terminal List out there, you have nothing to worry about,” he said. “We love you and appreciate your support.

Is Reece Crazy In The Terminal List?

Another key plot point in The Terminal List is Reece discovering he and his men were given an experimental drug that was intended to prevent PTSD. Instead, it gave him and his men brain tumors, with Reece suffering from painful headaches and hallucinations throughout the series.

Who was raife Hastings in The Terminal List?

Hastings is a South African former SEAL who first met Reece at university, with the two becoming fast friends and both had fathers who served in the special forces. Hastings is described as slightly taller than Reece with dark blonde hair, green eyes and built like an MMA fighter.