What is the True Story behind True Story?

The following year Franco portrayed convicted murderer Christian Longo in True Story. The film was based on a memoir by former New York Times reporter Michael Finkel (Jonah Hill), who formed a strange bond with Longo after the killer assumed his identity while attempting to evade arrest.

How old is Christian Longo?

48 years (January 23, 1974)
Christian Longo / Age

Where is Longo now?

Among those in now in general population at the state penitentiary: Christian Longo, 46, who killed his wife Mary Jane and their three children, Zachery, Sadie and Madison, and Randy Guzek, 51, who was sentenced to death for the 1987 killings of Terrebonne couple, Rod and Lois Houser.

How did Longo’s begin their journey?

It All Started with Three Brothers. Our story begins with a love of family and passion for food. After immigrating from Sicily, Italy, in 1951 in pursuit of a better life for their family, brothers Tommy, Joe and Gus Longo opened their first store on Yonge Street at Castlefield in 1956.

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What does Longo mean?

Word forms: longo, longa. masculine noun/feminine noun (Ecuador) young Indian.

Who bought Longo?

Longo Brothers Fruit Markets Inc., known simply as Longo’s is a chain of retail supermarkets and grocery delivery service serving Southern Ontario, Canada, controlled by Sobeys parent Empire Company in partnership with the founding Longo family.

Who purchased Longo?

Empire Company Ltd. has agreed to buy a majority stake in supermarket chain Longo’s and its Grocery Gateway e-commerce business in a deal that further consolidates Canada’s grocery retail landscape.

Who owns Longos now?

Empire Company
Longo’s / Parent organization

Empire Company Limited is a Canadian conglomerate engaged mostly in food retail and corporate investments. The company is headquartered in Stellarton, Nova Scotia. Empire Company also owns the Sobeys supermarket chain. The company was founded in 1963.


Why was Finkel fired?

Back in 2002, journalist Michael Finkel was at the lowest point in his career. He’d recently been fired by The New York Times Magazine for creating a composite character for a story about modern-day slavery in Africa.

What does the name Finkel mean?

German: from a diminutive of Fink . German: nickname for a blacksmith from a derivative of finken ‘to make sparks’. Jewish (eastern Ashkenazic): artificial name from Yiddish finkl ‘sparkle’.

What is Alan Finkel famous for?

One of Australia’s most respected scientific minds and an expert on low-emission technologies, Dr Alan Finkel AO is Australia’s former Chief Scientist and now serves as Special Advisor to the Australian Government.

Is Jonah Hill true story based on a true story?

Since “True Story” — the movie, not the book — is a fictionalized rendering of real events, we can buy this version of the character. Or we could, if Mr. Hill’s performance provided a window into Finkel’s inner life and hidden motives.