What is Trampas first name on The Virginian?

He is best known for his role as the cowboy Trampas during the entire run from 1962 to 1971 of the series The Virginian and mayor turned police chief Kyle Applegate on Out of this World.

Doug McClure
Occupation Actor
Years active 1956–1995

What happened to trampus on The Virginian?

He is a victim of lung cancer. Doug McClure, the affable, good-looking sidekick Trampas who imprinted himself in the nation’s memory riding the Western television range with “The Virginian” for eight years, has died. He was 59.

What happened to actor Doug McClure?

McClure died of cancer Sunday night at his suburban Sherman Oaks home, said McClure’s friend and colleague, Dennis Morga. McClure began riding horses at age 8. As a teen-ager, he spent summers on a Nevada cattle ranch, where he was a bronco-buster in occasional rodeos.

Who was Doug McClure’s best friend?

INSP. James Drury talks about his best friend and costar, Doug McClure. Watch them as The Virginian and Trampus today at 11a ET!

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What kind of horse did Trampas ride?

Buckskin horses have long been a part of television Westerns, including Ben Cartwright’s horse on Bonanza and Trampas’ horse on The Virginian. Buckskin horses have also appeared on the big screen, in Dances with Wolves and The Man from Snowy River (I and II).

Who is Troy McClure a parody of?

McClure was based on the typical “washed up” Hollywood actor. B movie actors Troy Donahue and Doug McClure served as inspiration for his name and certain character aspects. Doug McClure found the homage funny and his children called him “Troy McClure” when his back was turned.

Who did Barbara Luna marry?

Doug McClure
BarBara Luna / Spouse (m. 1961–1963)

Is Clint Walker still alive?

Clint Walker / Date of death

Who was James Drury married to?

James Drury/Spouse

Did Doug McClure’s daughter ever appear on The Virginian?

Tane Cain, daughter of Doug McClure and former wife of Journey’s Jonathan Cain, appears as one of the children (Betty).

Where was Shiloh Ranch filmed?

The show was shot on the Universal backlot where the Shiloh Ranch had been built especially for the show, at Six Points Texas, and on stage 34. The Medicine Bow western street set (pictured below) was destroyed in the 1967 fire, and the present day Court of Miracles was built in it’s place.

What kind of horse did Ryker ride in The Virginian?

Drury’s laconic character was always referred to as “The Virginian”; he had no name, unlike his horse, a white Appaloosa called Joe D.