What is Vinnie hackers height?

Vinnie shot to social media fame after his TikTok lip-syncing videos and YouTube posts racked up thousands of views and now has 7.4 million followers. He stands at 5 feet 11.5 inches or 181.5 cm tall.

What is Vinnie Hacker’s real name?

Vincent Cole Hacker, popularly known as Vinnie Hacker, is a successful TikTok star and social media personality. Hacker’s originality and talent have carved him a niche of loyal fans across social media. He was born on July 14, 2002, in Seattle, Washington. His parents, Nate and Maria Hacker, worked average jobs.

What is Vinnie Hacker age?

20 years (July 14, 2002)
Vinnie Hacker / Age

What is Vinnie hackers type?

Vinnie Hacker’s ideal match is a partner with Mars at 0/10° VIRGO or PISCES. This type of partner would complement Vinnie Hacker perfectly in emotional and sentimental terms.

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When did Vinnie hacker get his first tattoo?

The viral creator shares he got his first tattoo after turning age 18 and then just never stopped. While it’s unclear how many tattoos he has altogether, all of his ink appears to be either black or grey.

Is Vinnie hacker in the hype House?

In January 2021, Vinnie joined the The Hype House, which is a collective of teenage TikTok stars living in Los Angeles. Netflix launched a reality series about the group that stars Vinnie and his fellow TikTokers.

How do I join the Hype House?

There is no formal way to join the Hype House.

Many of the group members were friends or had relationships with each other before the collective initially debuted. At the time, many of the group’s members had made videos together or worked together before.

Who owns Hype House?

Thomas Petrou

Thomas, 23, used to be a part of Team 10. He is credited with creating the Hype House, along with Chase and Daisy. Ever since his drama with Daisy, Thomas has been keeping it pretty low-key, though he found himself in a feud with Bryce.

What is Vinnie hackers Snapchat?

Vinnie Hacker (@vvhacker) on Snapchat.

Does Vinnie still live in Hype House?

There are only six members of the Hype House who remain today. Thomas is obviously still there, and so is his girlfriend Mia Hayward. Mia’s brother Jake Hayward has also chosen to stay, along with Jack Wright, Renata Ri. and Vinnie Hacker.

Who are the current members of the Hype House?

Now, just six people live in the house — Petrou, his girlfriend Mia Hayward, her brother Jake Hayward, Jack Wright, Vinnie Hacker and new addition Renata Ri. In the same November vlog, Petrou said he’s planning on adding more people to the group.

Who is in the TikTok Hype House?

The collective formed in December 2019, and includes around twenty rising or established Gen Z influencers from TikTok. Most of its funding for creation came from Daisy Keech, Chase Hudson and Thomas Petrou, Charli D’Amelio, Dixie D’Amelio, and Addison Rae.