What is Vivian Kent doing now?

She was arrested in 2017 in the United States and continues to remain in custody today.

Did Vivian Kent really go to Germany?

Pressler confirms that she did in fact go to Germany for the benefit of her article, however, she told Vulture that she ‘definitely did not try to break into anyone’s home’ and that, ‘there was a lot more laughing’ during her real life trip to the country.

Who is Jessica Pressler husband?

Benjamin Wallace
Jessica Pressler / Husband (m. 2008–2022)

Benjamin Wallace is an American author and magazine writer known for his 2008 book The Billionaire’s Vinegar.


What did Vivian Kent do to the kid?

She was once conned by a high school student

Mirroring real life, Inventing Anna showed how Vivian Kent ran a false story on a kid named Donovan Lamb who claimed to have made millions, before admitting that he lied.

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Is Jessica Pressler still married?

Personal life. In 2008, she married Benjamin Wallace, a freelance magazine writer and author. They later divorced, and she is now married to Josh Uhl.

Did Jessica Pressler have a baby?

Jessica Pressler didn’t actually work until the moment it was time to deliver her baby — but this race to the finish before giving birth deserves all the airtime it’s getting.

Where does Jessica Pressler work now?

Where does Jessica Pressler work now? According to her Simon & Schuster author page, Pressler is a contributing editor at Vanity Fair, though her website states she is a staff writer at New York magazine.

Is Anna Delvey lawyer still married?

Inventing Anna hinted that Todd and his onscreen wife, Mags, may have split due to the drama surrounding Delvey’s trial, but real life had a happier ending than Hollywood this time around. According to his official bio, Spodek is still married and lives with his wife, Victoria, and their son in Brooklyn.

How long did Anna Delvey serve?

The Russia-born fraudster, who was convicted of eight felony charges in 2019, swindled an estimated $275,000 from hotels, friends, and even financial institutions. She was given a prison sentence of four to 12 years—but she was released from Rikers after just two years served.

What did Vivien do in Inventing Anna?

Vivian Kent (Anna Chlumsky), the reporter who writes the infamous piece on Anna Delvey, is fictional, as is Manhattan Magazine. However, Kent is based on New York Magazine writer Jessica Pressler with a few fundamental differences.

What did Vivian do to Donovan Lamb?

While working on an article about reasons to love New York, Vivian included Donovan’s story of making millions in the stock market as a high school senior. After the story came out, Donovan retracted his account, telling the media that Vivian forced him to lie.

Does Vivian have her baby in Inventing Anna?

Vivian is pregnant throughout many episodes of Inventing Anna and the baby is born on episode seven. It’s not until the final episode that we learn her daughter’s name is Maddy.