What kind of band is Sleeping With Sirens?

The band’s music has been described as post-hardcore, pop rock, metalcore, alternative rock, pop punk, pop, screamo, emo, and post-emo.

Why is the band called Sleeping With Sirens?

Kellin Quinn, lead vocals, said that the meaning behind their name, Sleeping with sirens, has to do with the aspects of the underwater world, like all the sea creatures and the nice sounds the sirens make. Kellin says “We knew we were going to create ‘watery’ music.

Is Sleeping With Sirens a rock band?

Sleeping With Sirens is an American rock band from Orlando, Florida currently residing in Grand Rapids, Michigan, formed in 2009 by members of For All We Know, Broadway and We Are Defiance.

What is Kellin Quinn’s last name?

Kellin Quinn Bostwick
Kellin Quinn / Full name

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Is Kellin Quinn Religion?

Two highlights of the EP are “Letdown” and “Truth or Dare.” Both songs are very different, but they complement each other. In “Letdown,” Kellin, who is a Christian, asks God to help him because everything that is going on in the world is too much to handle.

Does Kellin Quinn have a kid?

Copeland Quinn
Kellin Quinn / Children

Are MGK and Kellin Quinn friends?

Recently Quinn spoke to Music Mayhem about his “Love Race” collaboration alongside rapper-turned-rocker Machine Gun Kelly. Quinn and MGK have been friends for a longtime since meeting on Vans Warped Tour, and the superstar pair previously collaborated on their single’s “Swing Life Away” and “Alone.”

What is Kellin Quinn’s daughters name?

Copeland Quinn
Kellin Quinn / Daughter

How old is Kelli Quinn?

36 years (April 24, 1986)
Kellin Quinn / Age

Is Kelli Quinn Married?

Katelynne Quinn
Kellin Quinn / Spouse (m. 2013)

Is Kellin Quinn his real name?

Kellin Quinn Bostwick
Kellin Quinn / Full name

Who was Kelly Jones first wife?

Kelly Jones (born 3 June 1974) is a Welsh singer-songwriter and a founding member, lead singer, and guitarist of the rock band Stereophonics.

Kelly Jones
Years active 1992–present
Spouse Jakki Healy (2013–present)
Partner Rebecca Walters (2003–2007)
Children 4