What label is Mary J. Blige signed under?

Mary J. Blige/Record labels

Who owns the rights to Mary J. Blige?

Topline. In the latest of a string of acquisitions of independent record labels by Warner Music Group this year, it announced a deal Thursday to buy 300 Entertainment, which is home to top artists Megan Thee Stallion, Young Thug, Fetty Wap and Mary J. Blige.

Is Dr Dre the producer for Mary J. Blige?

Dre produced Mary J. Blige’s hit single ‘Family Affair’ Blige rose to fame in the 1990s and was quickly crowned the Queen of Hip-Hop Soul. Hit singles such as “Real Love” and “I’m Goin’ Down” showed that there was no other artist like her.

How much does Mary J. Blige make per show?

Related Story. Mary has appeared on a slew of hit shows, including Ghost Whisperer, Empire, Black-ish, and The Umbrella Academy, according to IMDB. And according to Express, Mary earns approximately $400,000 per episode for Power Book II.

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How much did the Super Bowl pay Mary J Blige?

That’s right: Mary J. Blige, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Kendrick Lamar and Eminem will be paid $0 for their live performance that tens of millions of people will be watching this year. But that does not mean performers necessarily leave the game empty handed.

Did Mary get paid for Super Bowl?

She won’t be making any money from the Halftime show.

(Last year, The Weeknd added $7 million to the production budget of his Halftime show.) However, performing at the Super Bowl almost always leads to more lucrative deals afterwards.

How much does Mary J Blige pay her ex husband per month?

Blige was paying her ex Martin “Kendu” Isaacs $30,000 per month in temporary spousal support between 2016 when she first filed to when they settled in 2018, theGrio reported. The former couple settled out of court in March of 2018, avoiding a potential week-long trial.

How much does Mary J Blige make per episode of Ghost?

Express reports that the No More Drama singer is being paid $400,000 per episode of the spinoff series. We’d say the double-Oscar nominee is more than worth it.

How much is Michael Rainey Jr make per episode?

How much does Michael Rainey Jr make? When he first began his prominent role in the TV series Power, his salary per episode was $20,000. At the beginning of 2018, he received a $25,000 increase and began earning $45,000 for every episode.

Who’s the highest paid actor on Power?

Since Power’s ending, the show has branched out with three spinoffs (Ghost, Raising Kanan, and Force) and is still a major money-maker for STARZ. Omari Hardwick, star of the initial game-changing series from 50 Cent and Courtney A.

How much does Tommy make per episode on Power?

Omari Hardwick Reveals He Made $150,000 Per Episode On ‘Power’ The former star of the hit franchise believes he “never made what [he] should’ve made” as the “face” of STARZ.

How much did Patrick Stewart make per episode?

His original salary on “Star Trek: The Next Generation” was $45,000 per episode, by the series end, he was banking $100,000 per episode. He took home $5 million for 1996’s “Star Trek: First Contact” and ended up earning $14 million for “Star Trek: Nemesis.”