What movies did Annette o toole play in?

Annette O’Toole/Appears in

Did Annette o toole play in Grey’s Anatomy?

2010s. On November 22, 2010, O’Toole played the role of Veronica, a middle-aged woman with a severe case of Alzheimer’s, in season 3 episode 7 of the TV series Lie to Me. In March 2013 she appeared in Grey’s Anatomy as a school teacher who finds out, after surgery, that she will die from cancer.

Who is Annette Otoole married to?

Annette O’Toole/Spouse

Who did Annette o toole play in the Partridge Family?

Annette O’Toole: Carol.

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Why was The Partridge Family Cancelled?

After the show’s popularity began to decline in the US, it began to increase in the UK. This new popularity in the UK gave the Partridge Family five UK Top 20 Hits, some of which were less popular in the US. After 96 episodes and eight Partridge Family albums, ABC canceled the show in 1974.

Why did the first drummer leave The Partridge Family?

The official reason in 1971 for Gelbwaks leaving the show was that his father’s job had been transferred to West Virginia. However, in a 2005 interview with the Television Academy Foundation, Shirley Jones mentioned that “he was not happy doing it .. his parents wanted him to do it, so we replaced him”.

Who was the girl drummer on the first episode of The Partridge Family?

The Partridge Family (TV Series 1970–1974) – Debra Pearce as Debbie – Girl Drummer – IMDb.

Who played the second snake on The Partridge Family?

“A Penny for His Thoughts” brings back Stuart Margolin, previously seen in “Go Directly to Jail,” here replacing Rob Reiner as the biker Snake, whose proposal to his girl Penny (Judie Stein) is rejected (must be the earring).

Who played Reuben Kincaid’s nephew on The Partridge Family?

“Al in the Family” served as another episode trying out new talent (minus Ricky Segall, who only appeared once more), in this case stand up comedian Alan Bursky, cast as Alan Kincaid, Reuben’s hapless nephew, trying to learn the ropes about managing from guess who.

Who played the youngest girl on The Partridge Family?

Suzanne J. Crough (March 6, 1963 – April 27, 2015) was an American child actress best known for her role as Tracy Partridge on The Partridge Family.

Did any of The Partridge Family really sing?

“The Partridge Family” centered on a musical family, lead by actress Shirley Jones, playing infectious, hook-laden pop. Jones and Cassidy were the only ones who really sang. The other actors lip-synched and pretended to play their instruments.

Who was the youngest partridge boy?

Jeremy Russell Gelbwaks (born May 22, 1961, in Los Angeles) is an American former child actor who starred in the television series The Partridge Family (1970–71). Los Angeles, California, U.S.