What movies did Antonio Fargas play in?

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How old is Antonio Fargas?

76 years (August 14, 1946)
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Where is Huggy Bear?

Huggy Bear Campground is a family-friendly park located in Middle Point, Ohio. Choose from daily, weekly, and monthly RV sites and cabins that sleep up to six guests.

Was Huggy Bear a pimp in Starsky and Hutch?

Starsky & Hutch’s Huggy Bear was no pimp, and the two Torino-driving studs reported to a black captain; history very rarely involves linear progress.

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What is Huggy real name?

Antonio Juan Fargas

What is Starsky and Hutch a parody of?

That said, “Starsky & Hutch” – an affectionate spoof of the popular late ’70s cop show – is probably the most enjoyable Hollywood update of a decades-old TV series since the first “Brady Bunch” movie.

What was Huggy Bear catchphrase?

Huggy Bear : Look man, it ain’t even funny no more.

Why did Starsky and Hutch finish?

The producers decided to have the character survive, as it was felt that a dead Starsky would disrupt the continuity of reruns/syndication, and preclude the option of the producers’ reviving the series in the near future.

Which city is Starsky and Hutch set in?

Two streetwise undercover cops in the fictional city of Bay City, California in 1975 bust drug criminals with the help of underworld boss Huggy Bear. The film is a prequel to the television series, as it portrays Starsky and Hutch being first partnered. The film also switches the personalities of the title characters.

Was Huggy Bear a pimp?

Many mainstream articles and comments by mundanes refer to Huggy as a pimp and/or thief. While the canon Huggy is shown as having a variety of dubious (often foolish) means of employment, there is no proof he dabbled in anything more than passing on information and turning a blind eye to others’ petty crimes.

Who was the pimp in Starsky and Hutch?

Don’t expect Antonio Fargas — who played Huggy Bear in the original “Starsky and Hutch” — to reprise his role in an over-the-hill sequel any time soon.

Who was the snitch on Starsky and Hutch?

Although best remembered for his role as a loveable street informant named Huggy Bear on the 1970s cop show “Starsky & Hutch” (ABC 1975-79), Antonio Fargas had a long and prolific acting career that stretched all the way back to the early 1960s.