What movies did Matt Murray play in?

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Who is Jean on in the dark?

Gene Clemens may be the role for which actor Matt Murray is best known, but “In the Dark” is far from his only television credit. Here are some other roles in which you may remember Murray appearing.

Who plays Clemons on in the dark?

In the Dark (TV Series 2019–2022) – Matt Murray as Officer Gene Clemens – IMDb.

Was In the Dark Cancelled?

In The Dark was canceled by The CW

The news comes as the network pivots its programming and changes given its new ownership. No talks came about shopping the show to another network, meaning that season 4 is the final season despite ending in a way that sets up additional seasons.

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Why did Max leave In the Dark?

Unfortunately, yes… Max (Casey Deidrick) dies in the penultimate episode of In the Dark, and it’s one of the worst decisions the series ever made. Max gets shot while escaping into the elevator after saving Murphy from the fundraiser scheme as it goes wrong.

Does Max go blind?

Is Max alive at the end of Season 4? Physically, yes. Lucas tells his friends that Max is in a coma, and we see her wearing casts on her arms and legs. The Duffer brothers have also confirmed that at the end of Season 4, Max is alive yet “brain dead, blind, and all of her bones are broken.”

Was Max a vampire?

Maxwell “Max” Lawrence is the main antagonist of the 1987 horror film The Lost Boys. He is the head vampire who lives in secrecy, while acting human in public.

Who marries Max Black?

Randy Walsh
Relationships Max Black (Fiancée)
Employer Himself
Other Information
Interests Max Black

Does Max ever date Roxanne?

In A Goofy Movie, Max tries to impress a popular girl at his school named Roxanne, and ends up with her by the film’s end, but by the second movie, Max is apparently single again as he flirts with a number of other girls at the college.

Do Max and Penelope get married?

Penelope then explains she and Max love each other very much and they are deeply committed to each other but they’re never getting married.

What happens to Max and his wife?

Georgia Bennett Goodwin was the wife of Dr. Max Goodwin and the mother of their daughter Luna. In 2019, Georgia was severely wounded in a car accident and ultimately succumbed to her injuries.

What did Max’s brother do to her?

After sacrificing himself to save Eleven and eventually Max and the rest of her friends from the Mind Flayer, Billy apologized to Max for abusing her as his stepsister sat by his side as he died.