What movies did Victor French play in?

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What sitcom did Victor French play in?

He was best known as farmer Isaiah Edwards on the ’70s TV series Little House on the Prairie, and as ex-cop Mark Gordon on the ’80s TV series Highway to Heaven. He starred in the short-lived ’70s TV sitcom Carter Country, in which he played a small-town Georgia police chief.

Did Victor French play football?

He also appeared in “Petticoat Junction” for one episode. His big break really came when Victor French left “Little House on the Prairie” to pursue his own comedy show. This allowed the former football player to slide in as Michael Landon’s sidekick for years.

How many times was Victor French on Gunsmoke?

The burly, bearded actor was known early in his career as a leading television villain. He appeared in ”Gunsmoke” more than 20 times and directed five of the episodes.

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What actor appeared the most on Gunsmoke?

James Arness played Marshal Matt Dillon in 635 episodes of Gunsmoke, the only cast member to appear in every single one. While fellow regulars Amanda Blake and Milburn Stone can’t top that, they were both in more than 500 episodes — a significant achievement by any standard!

Who guest stared on Gunsmoke the most?

But not of them crossed paths with Matt Dillon quite as much as Morgan Woodward. Woodward, whose mustachioed face illustrated the “Dirty Half-Dozen” article, guest-starred on Gunsmoke more than any other actor — 19 times, typically as the bad guy.

Who turned down the lead in Gunsmoke?

The actor was 32 when friend John Wayne declined the lead role in “Gunsmoke” and recommended Arness instead. Afraid of being typecast, Arness initially rejected it. “Go ahead and take it, Jim,” Wayne urged him.

What actor left Gunsmoke to become one of the biggest movie stars of the 1970’s?

James Arness (born James King Aurness; May 26, 1923 – June 4, 2011) was an American actor, best known for portraying Marshal Matt Dillon for 21 years in the CBS television series Gunsmoke.

Who took Miss Kitty’s place on Gunsmoke?

Amanda Blake

Did Marshal Dillon ever kiss Kitty?

For the record, there were 635 episodes of Gunsmoke and never once did Marshal Dillon kiss longtime girlfriend Miss Kitty.

What was the cause of Miss Kitty’s death on Gunsmoke?

For nearly 20 years, Blake played Miss Kitty Russell on the popular Western TV series Gunsmoke. Although when she died in August 1989, the media initially reported that she died of cancer, the cause of death was later confirmed to be AIDS-related complications. It is not known how she contracted the virus.

What gun did Matt Dillon carry?

A Colt . 45 ( S/N 147056) used by James Arness in his role of Marshall Matt Dillon in the classic Western television series, Gunsmoke (Arnes Production Company, CBS Television and Filmaster Productions, 1955-1975), which aired for 20 seasons over 635 episodes. Includes holster made by Arvo Ojalaof North Hollywood.