What movies has Billy Bob Thornton starred in?

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How did Billy Bob Thornton get his start?

Billy Bob began his artistic career as a musician, playing drums and singing in a band called Tres Hombres, which once opened for Hank Williams Jr.. In 1981, he moved to Los Angeles with childhood friend Tom Epperson to pursue an acting and writing career.

What was Billy Bob Thornton’s first big movie?

Thornton made his film debut in Hunter’s Blood (1987), a thriller about a group of hunters forced to defend themselves against marauding woodsmen.

When did Billy Bob Thornton start acting?

Thornton’s first screen role was in 1988 South of Reno, where he played a small role as a counter man in a restaurant. He also made an appearance as a pawn store clerk in the 1987 Matlock episode “The Photographer”.

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Did Angelina Jolie date Billy Bob Thornton?

Jolie shocked the world in 2000 when she married again, this time to Billy Bob Thornton. Their marriage did not last long, however, as they abruptly split in 2002 and finalized their divorce the following year. “It took me by surprise too because overnight, we totally changed,” she admitted to Vogue in 2004.

Are Billy Bob Thornton and Dennis Quaid friends?

Billy Bob Thornton Talks About Working With His Good Friend Dennis Quaid on the New Season of ‘Goliath’ Billy Bob Thornton discusses the third season of his Amazon series, ‘Goliath,’ and how his pal, Dennis Quaid, got involved.

What were they smoking in Goliath?

“The Subsidence Adventure” turns strange quick, as this farmer joins other acquaintances at the back of the casino and it is evident they are concerned that Billy is lurking around. They all smoke what I presume is a potent strain of marijuana, as it knocks them all out instantly.

What was the age difference between Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton?

For whatever reason, this did not stop the actors from continuing their relationship, despite their 20 year age difference (at the time, Jolie was 24 and Thornton was 44).

Is Goliath season 3 Based on a true story?

The entire plot for Season 3 is based on the true story of Lynda and Stewart Resnick and their Paramount Farms (“Wonderful”, “Pom”, etc.) empire that is primarily in Kern County, and yes, controls the Kern County Water Bank.

Who did Patty get pregnant by in Goliath?

McBride also showed off his softer side when he found out his legal partner Patty Solis-Papagian (Nina Arianda) is pregnant—her season 2 love interest, FBI Special Agent Jeff Clayton (James Wolk), is the father, confirms Thornton.

What city is Goliath filmed in?

Goliath was shot in Los Angeles, Santa Monica, and Santa Clarita, California, USA. The fourth season of the series was filmed in San Francisco, CA.

Is Goliath worth watching?

Cheesy and crotchety and lazily populist, Goliath is more CBS dad show than Amazon awards bait. Streaming now on the latter, it feels like a throwback – and not in the good way. Against all odds, it’s really good.