What movies have Clifton Powell played on?

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How many movies and TV shows has Clifton Powell been in?

Powell has appeared in more than one hundred films, beginning in the 1980s.

How old is Clifton Powell?

66 years (March 16, 1956)
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Who is Pinky in Friday After Next?

Clifton Powell
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Is Clifton Powell a Millionaire?

Clifton Powell Net Worth: Clifton Powell is an American actor and comedian who has a net worth of $500 thousand dollars.

Clifton Powell Net Worth.

Net Worth: $500 Thousand
Date of Birth: Mar 16, 1956 (66 years old)
Gender: Male
Profession: Actor, Comedian
Nationality: United States of America

Who played Santa Claus in Friday After Next?

Friday After Next (2002) – Rickey Smiley as Santa Claus – IMDb.

What’s Pinky name on Friday?

Pinky (played by Clifton Powell) is the owner of Pinky’s record store and the boss of Day Day and Roach in Next Friday.

Who is the girl from Next Friday?

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Why was Chris Tucker not in Next Friday?

He became religious

Ice Cube recently revealed on Twitter that Tucker was offered “$10 [to] $12 [million] to do “Next Friday,” but he turned [it] down for religious reasons.

Who are the characters in Friday?


Is Friday based on a true story?

According to Ice Cube, a majority of the film is autobiographical, with much of it being based on events that occurred in his neighborhood growing up.

What did Smokey Smoke in Friday?

Smokey appears in Friday as Craig’s best friend and was a drug dealer working for supplier Big Worm Smokey himself was a heavy marijuana user and when he and his friend Craig , spent a Friday afternoon together, Smokey got him to smoke some of the marijuana that he was supposed to be selling for Worm, however he