What nationality is Amanda Balionis?

Amanda Jacqueline Renner (née Balionis) is an American sports journalist.

Who did Amanda Balionis get married to?

Balionis, who covers several sports for CBS, is married to a former college football and National Football League quarterback. The CBS reporter got married to former UNC and NFL quarterback Brynn Renner earlier this year.

Where was Amanda Balionis born?

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
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How did Amanda Balionis get her job?

She got a job at local newspaper but was laid off nine months later. The next day, a Hofstra alum called her and asked her to audition as a sideline reporter for Verizon Fios Channel 1 covering high school sports. She got the job.

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Did Amanda Balionis ever play golf?

That’s not to say that the CBS sideline reporter doesn’t play the sport or can’t hold her own the course. Growing up in a family of self-described “golf addicts,” Balionis learned the fundamentals and started playing at a young age, but never played competitively.

What college did Amanda Balionis go to?

Amanda would attend high school in the town before journeying to Hofstra, Long Island’s biggest private University. She graduated in 2008 with a degree in broadcast journalism that would set her up for a career as a sports anchor.

Why did Kelly Tilghman leave Golf Channel?

During her time at Golf Channel, Tilghman became the first female broadcaster to anchor PGA Tour action. She stepped away to spend more time with family (her daughter was 6 at the time), but she never ruled out a return to TV.

How old is Amanda Renner?

37 years (June 20, 1985)
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Is PGA Amanda married?

1. Who is Amanda Balionis Married to? Amanda is not married yet. However, she has already found her soulmate, Bryn Renner.

Who does Amanda Balionis work for?

Amanda Balionis is an American broadcast journalist for CBS Sports and has quickly become one of the best reporters covering professional golf. Among other highlights, she received widespread praise for her post-round interview with Dustin Johnson when he won the 2020 Masters.

What is the salary of the PGA Tour commissioner?

The story noted Dustin Johnson was the only player to eclipse that total because he won that season’s FedEx Cup title. (The actual yearly pay, the tour told the Journal, for Monahan was $8.3 million, with the rest of money being long-term incentive pay and future retirement benefits accrued.)

How much does a Caddie make on the LPGA Tour?

LPGA caddies make a weekly base salary of around $1,200.

More importantly, caddies make around 7 to 8% of their golfers’ winnings. In 2022, the purse for the USGA was $10 million, so the caddy of the winning golfer would pocket at least $700,000.