What nationality is Greg Vaughan?

James Gregory Vaughan Jr.

(born June 15, 1973) is an American actor and former fashion model, known for his roles in the soap operas The Young and the Restless (2002–03), General Hospital (2003–09), and Days of Our Lives (2012–21).

How old is Greg Vaughan?

49 years (June 15, 1973)
Greg Vaughan / Age

Who is Greg Vaughan married to?

Touriya Haoud
Greg Vaughan / Spouse (m. 2006–2014)

Touriya Haoud is a Dutch actress, model, and singer. Formally based in the United States, she moved back to the Netherlands in 2021.


How tall is Greg Vaughan?

1.82 m
Greg Vaughan / Height

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Does Greg Vaughan have any children?

Greg Vaughan/Children

Did Peter Vaughan have children?

Vaughan is survived by Lillias and their son, David, and by two stepdaughters, Alexandra and Victoria, and four grandchildren.

What movies has Greg Vaughan been in?

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Is Eric leaving Days again?

Greg Vaughan is back in Salem as Eric Brady on “Days of our Lives” and this time he’s here to stay. Find out why the actor decided to stick around, and when you can expect to see him on screen.

Who is returning to Days of Our Lives in 2022?

Steve Burton

In November 2022, NBC disclosed that it had rehired the Emmy winner as Harris Michaels, the character he originated back in 1988 and played again in Chapter 2 of Beyond Salem.

Is Eric Brady a priest?

Eric was introduced in the episode of October 16, 1984, together with his twin sister, Sami Brady.

Eric Brady.

In-universe information
Other names Eric Roman Brady
Occupation Social Worker Photographer Priest
Parents Roman Brady Marlena Evans
Stepfather John Black

Who all is leaving Days of Our Lives in 2022?

Sal Stowers

After six years as Lani, the actress took her leave of Salem in the summer of 2022.

Who passed away in real life from Days of Our Lives?

NEW YORK — John Aniston, the Emmy-winning star of the daytime soap opera “Days of Our Lives” and father of Jennifer Aniston, has died at age 89. The actor’s daughter posted a tribute to him Monday morning on Instagram, announcing that he had died Friday, Veteran’s Day. John Aniston served in the U.S. Navy.