What nationality is Larry Bowa?

Lawrence Robert Bowa (born December 6, 1945) is an American former professional baseball shortstop, manager, and coach in Major League Baseball (MLB), who played for the Philadelphia Phillies, Chicago Cubs, and New York Mets.

Where is Larry Bowa now?

Larry Bowa, 74, is still going strong 50 years after unlikely major-league debut. No one in Phillies history has spent more seasons in uniform than Bowa. A former player, coach and manager, he now works in the front office as a senior advisor to the general manager.

Does Larry Bowa have children?

Victoria Bowa
Larry Bowa / Children

How old is Larry Bowa?

77 years (December 6, 1945)
Larry Bowa / Age

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77 years (December 6, 1945)
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