What restaurant does Amaury Guichon work at?

This successful run enabled him to get a job at the prestigious Maison Lenôtre in Paris, and after a year’s work at one of France’s most prestigious centers of gastronomy, he won the title of Best Apprentice in France.

How much does Amaury Guichon cost?

Amaury Guichon’s net worth explored

The 10% deposit for a 10 week 400-hour immersive course run by Amaury at his Pastry Academy costs $2,000 USD.

What nationality is Amaury Guichon?

Amaury Guichon (born 15 March 1991) is a Swiss-English pastry chef. He is known for his pastry designs and chocolate sculptures.

What kind of chocolate does Amaury Guichon use?

Amaury Guichon 70% Dark Couverture Chocolate pistoles has an intense cocoa flavor, fruit, sour, and subtle floral notes for use in cakes, pastries, and other dessert items. ideal for chocolate confectionery, bars, mousse, bonbons, ganache, and many more desserts.

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Does Amaury guichon have a restaurant?

However, it looks like Amaury no longer works in the patisserie but runs his own school in Las Vegas in 2021. As per his website: “In 2014 he started his career in the United States at the Jean Philippe Patisserie in Las Vegas where he worked for 3 years.

Who is the world’s best pastry chef?

René Frank has never been one for convention. Recently named winner of The World’s Best Pastry Chef Award 2022, sponsored by Sosa, the German favours caviar and cabbage over Chantilly cream and salted caramel in his dessert creations.

Who is the best chocolate sculptor in the world?

Patrick Roger is a French chocolate maker, sculptor and entrepreneur known for his incredible and enormous sculptures, hand-carved out of chocolate.

How old is chocolate chef Amaury?

31 years (March 15, 1991)
Amaury Guichon / Age

How much does a chocolate sculpture cost?

They can take him anywhere between 4 hours to 4 hours to create, and the price varies drastically: Based on the size and level of detail, they start at $450 and can go up to $4,500. Now that’s one expensive dessert.

What happens to Amaury Guichon chocolate?

After all, wouldn’t it be a waste to throw away all that chocolate? According to one Reddit user, Guichon’s sculptures are usually on permanent display. If anything happens to them, such as the statue getting damaged via melting, then the chocolate is apparently melted down and reused for Guichon’s pastry classes.

What does the chocolate guy do with his sculptures?

Ranked as one of the best chocolatiers and artists in the world, Paul interacts with guests as he sculpts and/or hosts a chocolate tasting. The guests experience a divine, world-class, never-had-so-good chocolate tasting that go with every sculpture, on it’s own and/or created for takeaways.

Do they eat the chocolate sculptures?

Unlike sugar sculptures, chocolate showpieces are made to eat, not just to look at.