What state does Flamingo the Youtuber live in?

He currently lives in Bradenton, Florida. Before he became popular, Albert made many Phantom Forces, Apocalypse Rising, and CS: GO videos.

Where does Albert Aretz live now?

Albert currently resides in Floridia (possibly Sarasota) with 2 dogs named Bedrock and Peach. In his college days, Albert used to be on a strict diet of at least 5,000 calories due to his interest in bodybuilding.

Is Flamingo brother Beluga?

His “brother” is Albert Aretz aka Flamingo, which was then stated to be all a joke and that they have no blood connections whatsoever. In late October 2021 it was confirmed in a Reddit AMA that Beluga would be getting a figure the near future.

Where in Florida does Flamingo live?

In Florida, American flamingos have been observed along much of the state’s coast; however, outside of Hialeah, more than 95% of observations have occurred within the Everglades, Biscayne Bay and the Florida Keys.

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Does Albert flamingo have a girlfriend?

About. According to Albert, they started dating in high school. Albert has featured Lana on the AlbertsStuff channel in times like in ONLINE DATING in ROBLOX 3! (Featuring My Girlfriend) in which she is under the username “LanaTitsMcGee” as she tries to get a boyfriend in Roblox.

Does flamingo live in Miami?

Florida’s flamingos disappeared decades ago. That may soon change. An American flamingo walks along Haulover Beach in Miami Beach, Florida, in 2018. The birds were once native to Florida, but haven’t bred in the state for over a century.

Does flamingo live in Orlando Florida?

There’s plenty of places to see flamingos in their natural habitat all over Florida, from Miami to Orlando.

Is flamingo Florida a town?

The actual town of Flamingo was located approximately 41⁄2 miles west of the current Flamingo campground area. All that remains of the former town are a few remnants of building foundations, and it is considered a ghost town.

Do flamingos live in Florida Keys?

It is surprisingly difficult to see a flamingo in Florida, at least a wild one. We get flamingos in the Florida Keys, specifically American flamingos, but not often. Once or twice in the Lower Keys on a good year, though we’ve been on a streak of late – three sightings in 18 months.

Do flamingos live in Tampa?

You can find these beautiful birds flocking together in the Bird Gardens, Egypt, and Nairobi. Busch Gardens® Tampa Bay is home to Lesser, Chilean and Caribbean flamingos. Insider tip: For the closest face-to-beak encounter, visit the flock at Animal Connections in Nairobi.

Are there flamingos in Texas?

His customers often claim to see flamingos, mistaking them for the smaller-but-also-pink roseate spoonbills that are common in the Gulf Coast. He patiently explains to them that, no, there are no flamingos in Texas.

Are there flamingos in Georgia USA?

No, we don’t have flamingos in Georgia,” the state’s Department of Natural Resources wrote on Facebook. “But we can see why you called it in!” The birds are actually roseate spoonbills, which are a little smaller than flamingos but still have the same bright pink coloration.