What time is Stray set in?

Set amid the bustling streets of a neo-dystopian, Cyberpunk 2077-inspired city, BlueTwelve Studios’ Stray transforms players into an adorable ginger cat whose entire job is to… well, cat. Easily overtaking The Day Before as Steam’s most wishlished game for 2022, it has spawned a following like no other.

Can you pre download Stray?

First of all, let’s address the cat in the room: No, Stray doesn’t have a pre-load option. This may sound like a bummer to many for a myriad of ISP reasons, but at the very least, the game won’t be a juggernaut in terms of download size.

What time do PS Plus games become available?

When can you download the September 2022 PS Plus games? You can download the September 2022 PS Plus games on September 6 at the following times: 10 AM ET. 7 AM PT.

When can Stray be downloaded?

Stray release time

As mentioned, the Stray release date is July 19 on Steam.

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Can I download Stray at midnight?

Stray Release Time in All Regions

On PlayStation consoles, you should be able to start playing the game as soon as the clock strikes midnight in your region. If you’re on PC, you’ll have to wait for the game to unlock in the morning on Steam.

Why is Stray not available for purchase?

Unfortunately, Stray is only available for free to those who have an active PlayStation Plus subscription at either the Extra or Premium tier. This means those with the Essential PlayStation Plus subscription won’t be able to play Stray for free at launch and will have to purchase the game for their console.

When can I buy Stray PS5?

Leap into this brand-new adventure with a PlayStation Plus Extra or Premium membership, when Stray joins the Game Catalog from July 19th.

Is Stray game download only?

So far there’s no physical PS4 copy of Stray so you’ll need to buy it from the PS Store and download it to play. Alternatively, you can play Stray if you’re a subscriber to one of the new PlayStation Plus Extra or Premium tiers.

How many GB is Stray?

Stray Download Size for PC, PlayStation

For PC, the download size of Stray is around 10GB. The download size for Stray for PS4 and PS5 is as follows: PS4: 13.352 GB (Version: 1.02) PS5: 7.514 GB (Version: 1.003.

How do you get the Stray game?

Stray can currently be downloaded for free for those that are subscribed to Sony’s PS Plus Extra or Premium tiers. There’s no way to get it for free on PC right now.

Is Stray still free?

You will be able to get access to Stray completely for free by signing up for a trial of the PS Plus Extra or Premium tier, which will only last for 1 week. All of the subscription plans offer a 7-day trial for those who are interested, and you will gain access to PlayStation Plus for the duration.

Is Stray released yet?

Stray was announced in 2020 and became highly anticipated. Following some delays, it was released on 19 July 2022, for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Windows.