What TV shows did Desilu Studios produced?

Desilu Productions (/ˈdɛsiluː/) was an American television production company founded and co-owned by husband and wife Desi Arnaz and Lucille Ball. The company is best known for shows such as I Love Lucy, The Lucy Show, Mannix, The Untouchables, Mission: Impossible and Star Trek.

Did Desilu produce the Andy Griffith Show?

Founded and co-owned by Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, Desilu Studios created pop cultural touchstones like I Love Lucy, Mission: Impossible, and Star Trek, and was the production hub for dozens of beloved television shows including The Andy Griffith Show and The Dick Van Dyke Show.

What happened to Desilu production?

After building up a film library, Desilu Productions was sold to Gulf & Western Industries, which became Paramount Pictures, which later became owned by Viacom. According to the complaint, certain rights belonging to Desilu Productions were then transferred to CBS in 2005 around the time that Viacom and CBS split.

What show did Lucille Ball produce?

Lucille Ball/Films produced

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Did Desi Arnaz have his own show?

In 1962, Arnaz sold his share of Desilu to Ball and formed his own production company after their divorce. With the newly formed Desi Arnaz Productions, he made The Mothers-In-Law (at Desilu) for United Artists Television and NBC. This sitcom ran for two seasons from 1967 to 1969.

How much did Lucy pay Desi for Desilu?

But it proved to be too much for Arnaz to handle, and in 1962, he asked Lucy to buy him out of Desilu. She paid him $2.5 million for his shares and became the first woman CEO of a major television and movie production company.

How many shows did Lucille Ball make?


She starred in five different TV shows during her career; the original, I Love Lucy (1951-57), became one of the great TV landmarks of the 1950s and continues today on TV across the world.

Was Lucille Ball the producer of Star Trek?

Her belief in Star Trek is why we have Star Trek as it stands today. Ball was more than just a comedian and a beloved television icon, she was a savvy producer who deserved credit for her work behind the scenes, including helping to achieve Roddenberry’s vision.

How did Lucille Ball Change TV production?

Filming. Desilu was the first independent production studio of its kind it freed them to make decisions for themselves, allowing them to work with the broadcasting company instead of for them.

What Broadway show was Lucille Ball in?

Wildcat is a musical with a book by N. Richard Nash, lyrics by Carolyn Leigh, and music by Cy Coleman. The original production opened on Broadway in 1960, starring a 49-year-old Lucille Ball in her only Broadway show.

Why was Cate Blanchett replaced Lucille Ball?

As the story goes, Blanchett was attached to play Ball in the film, but the actress left the project due to “scheduling conflicts.” And according to one of the film’s producers, Lucie Arnaz (daughter of Ball and Arnaz), that took the winds out of their sails. “It just took too long and we lost her,” Lucie Arnaz said.

Why did Lucille Ball’s voice change?

It’s been speculated that Lucille Ball’s vocal chords were severely coarsened between the last Lucy/Desi comedy hour and season 1 of this show; when she was on Broadway night after night performing in Wildcat; during which she developed a polyps on her larynx which forever changed the way her voice sounded.