What was Bobby Rydell’s Net Worth when he died?

Bobby Rydell was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in April 1942. Bobby died on April 5, 2022 at the age of 79.

Bobby Rydell Net Worth.

Net Worth: $10 Million
Date of Birth Apr 26, 1942 – Apr 5, 2022 (79 years old)
Place of Birth Philadelphia
Gender Male
Profession Singer, Actor

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How much is Fabian worth today?

Fabian Forte Net Worth
Net Worth: $25 Million
Gender Male
Height 6 ft (1.83 m)
Profession Singer, Actor
Nationality United States of America

Did Bobby Rydell have any kids?

Bobby Rydell/Children

Was Bobby Rydell married?

Bobby Rydell/Spouse

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Was Bobby Rydell in the army?

Rydell served in the U.S. National Guard and began his service in 1964 with two months of basic training at Fort Dix. The street on which he was born in Philadelphia was renamed Bobby Rydell Boulevard, in his honor.

Is Bobby Rydell in the Hall of Fame?

The 1960’s teen idol Bobby Rydell recently asked how come he had never been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (RRHOF) on his Facebook page and the LA Music Scene found it to be such an interesting question that we had to pounce on it.

Who was Bobby Rydells wife?

Bobby Rydell/Wife

Was Bobby Rydell married and have children?

After 34 years of being together as a married couple, Bobby and Camille had two children: Jennifer Ridarelli and Robert Ridarelli, a boy and a girl.

What was the cause of death of Bobby Rydell?

Rydell died of complications from pneumonia at a hospital in a suburb of his hometown of Philadelphia, according to a statement posted by his marketing and event coordinator Maria Novey. Rydell, who credited a 2012 kidney and liver transplant with extending his life, was 79.

What was Bobby Rydell’s real name?

He was born Robert Ridarelli in Philadelphia, the son of Jennie (nee Sapienza) and Adrio “Al” Ridarelli. His father was the foreman in a machine shop. Bobby grew up on South 11th Street, and in 1995 his career achievements were recognised by his home city when the street was renamed Bobby Rydell Boulevard.

How old was Bobby Rydell when he died?

He was 79. Rydell died on Tuesday of non-Covid-19 related pneumonia complications in a hospital in Abington, a statement on his website said.

How many records did Bobby Rydell sell?

Bobby’s hits include million selling singles Volare, Wild One, We Got Love, Kissin’ Time, Swingin’ School, Wildwood Days, and Forget Him, selling a combined total of over 25 million records.