What was Larry Bird’s salary in the NBA?

Larry Bird was the first player to earn $5 million or more with a salary of $7,070,000 in the 1991-92 season. Magic Johnson became the first player to earn $10 million or more in the 94-95 season with a salary of $14,660,000.


Player Salary Team
Paul George $33,005,556 Los Angeles Clippers

What was Larry Bird’s highest salary?

Larry Bird’s Salary

During the 1991-92 season, he earned the highest salary, $7,070,000.

What is the lowest NBA salary?

Jordan will in fact earn $2,905,851, but the NBA will pay the difference.

But first let’s talk about NBA minimum salaries.

Years of Experience Salary
0 $1,017,781
1 $1,637,966
2 $1,836,090
3 $1,902,133

How much did Celtics pay Larry Bird?

Larry Bird NBA Salary
Season Team Salary
1992/93 Boston Celtics $2,300,000 ($4,861,022*)
1991/92 Boston Celtics $7,070,000 ($15,403,814*)
1990/91 Boston Celtics $1,500,000 ($3,421,605*)
Total $10,870,000 ($23,686,441*)

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Who is richest NBA player?

According to Forbes, Michael Jordan is NBA’s richest player with a humongous net worth of US$1.7 billion. He earned US$90 million in salaries during his basketball career, but reportedly made US$1.8 billion (pre-tax) for endorsement deals from brands like Nike, Gatorade and Hanes.

How much do Celtics Waterboys make?

Reports add that waterboys newly hired get paid around $100 per game. While $58,000 is a base figure, those with experience in nutrition can be paid as high as $100,000 annually by a team. As per the NBA waterboy job description, it has many dynamic demand as the person interested needs to be in their best health.

How much was Larry Bird’s contract?

1979-1983Entry Level
Contract: 5 yr(s) / $3,250,000
Average Salary: $650,000
Signed Using: Entry Level
Free Agent: 1984 / UFA

Who is the highest paid Boston Celtic?

Player Salaries
Player 2022/23 2023/24
Jayson Tatum $30,351,780 $32,600,060
Jaylen Brown $28,741,071 $30,723,214
Al Horford $26,500,000 $10,000,000

How much was Michael Jordan paid in the NBA?

That $33.1 million a year contract stayed the highest an NBA player would ever earn until 2018. The NBA was good to Jordan. In 1997, his $33M salary was worth more than the average team payroll.

Who is the highest paid player on Boston Celtics?

As of 2021, the famous basketball player of the Boston Celtics team Jayson Tatum can be seen as the highest-paid player. How much money does Klay Thompson have compared to the other…

Who are the 5 highest paid NBA players?

2022-2023 Player Salaries
1 Stephen Curry, PG $48,070,014
2 Russell Westbrook, PG $47,063,478
3 LeBron James, SF $44,474,988
4 Kevin Durant, PF $44,119,845

What is Derrick Henry’s salary?

Derrick Henry signed a 4 year, $50,000,000 contract with the Tennessee Titans, including a $12,000,000 signing bonus, $25,500,000 guaranteed, and an average annual salary of $12,500,000. In 2023, Henry will earn a base salary of $10,500,000, while carrying a cap hit of $16,367,647 and a dead cap value of $9,000,000.