What was Sonichu about?

Artifact Title: Sonichu was originally about the adventures of the titular Electric Hedgehog pokemon. Then the comic shifted focus to the misadventures of Chris-Chan. Later issues acknowledge this and state that the comic is now about Sonichu and Christine.

Where is CWCville?

CWCville (pronounced: quick-ville) is an independent city located in Northern Virginia, USA, Planet CWC. It was named after the founder’s daughter: Christine Weston Chandler, CPU Blue Heart and goddess over the Commodore consoles and Creator of Sonichus and Rosechus.

When was Sonichu created?

On March 17, 2000, Chris created the comic series Sonichu in a graphic design class; she wanted to use the characters Sonic and Pikachu on a CD cover, which wasn’t allowed for legal reasons, so she combined features from Sonic and Pikachu to create a brand new character.

How many Sonichu characters are there?

Sonichu (Series)
Characters Toggles
10 Western

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Is Sonichu a Pokemon?

Sonichu is a fan Webcomic created by Christine Weston Chandler (formerly Christian Weston Chandler), starring (at least initially) the eponymous electric hedgehog Pokémon and his friends.

What number is Sonichu?

And Sonichu is Officially in the Pokédex at #982. Also, Rosey at 978, Rosechu at 979, Vamprosa at 980, Sonee at 981, Sonichu at 982 and Metonic at 983.

What is Asperchu?

Asperchu (Born 1991) is an Electric/Asperger’s-type Hedgehog Pokémon and is the star of the incredibly famous Asperchu Comic. His comic book details his various (mis)adventures throughout his hometown of Albville, Minnesota, in his quest for a sweetheart along with his friends Jivin, Max and sometimes Sonichu.

Who is Rosechu?

Rosechu, an Electric type Hedgehog Pokémon is a character in the Sonichu series. Rosechu is a rollable waifu character in Mudae.

Who is Mary Lee Walsh?

Mary Lee “Slaweel Ryam” Walsh was a worker at 4Cent Garbage Towers. She was originally the dean of student services at PVCC, but retired due to heavy stress after Ian Brandon Anderson enrolled, back in 2000.

What degree did Chris Chan get?

Chris earned a Master of Engineering degree in Operations Research and Industrial Engineering, and a B.S.

What did Chris Chan do in college?

According to a biography page called Wikitubia, Chan was diagnosed with high-functioning autism when she was young. She attended Piedmont Virginia Community College in 2000 but was suspended for a year due to soliciting, and managed to get her degree in Computer Aided Drafting and Design in 2006.

What nationality is Chris Chan?

Christine Weston Chandler / Nationality