What years did Randy Moss play for the Patriots?

His career included stints with the Vikings (1998-2004, 2010), Oakland Raiders (2005-06), New England Patriots (2007-2010), Tennessee Titans (2010), and the San Francisco 49ers (2012). In his NFL debut against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Moss recorded four catches for 95 yards and two touchdowns.

What year did Randy Moss win a Super Bowl with the Patriots?

However, his two trips to the Super Bowl ended in disappointment. Moss played for the almost-undefeated New England Patriots team in 2007 (a season during which he posted an NFL-record 23 touchdowns) and the 2012 San Francisco 49ers, who lost to the New York Giants and Baltimore Ravens, respectively.

When did Tom Brady play with Randy Moss?

Randy Moss played 4 years with Tom Brady in his career.
Randy Moss 12/16/2007 13
Randy Moss 12/23/2007 11
Randy Moss 12/29/2007 12
Randy Moss 9/7/2008 7

When did Randy Moss leave the Patriots?

Randy Moss has retired according to his agent. The future Hall of Fame wide receiver, who was drafted by the Minnesota Vikings in 1994, was traded by the New England Patriots in 2010. He had two unsuccessful stays with the Minnesota Vikings and the Tennessee Titans the same season, and he has now decided to retire.

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Why did the Pats trade Randy Moss?

Dissatisfied over not receiving a new contract before the season, Moss found a way to get out of the Patriots organization and find the riches he wasn’t going to get in New England. Even better for Moss is that he goes to a team that was very close to winning the NFC Championship last year.

Why did Patriots get rid of Moss?

The Patriots knew they wouldn’t be bringing Moss back next season no matter what. He wanted a long-term contract they weren’t willing to give. Moss admitted it publicly and asked for a way out privately.

How much did Randy Moss get paid with the Patriots?

Contract History
Team Contract Type Total
Patriots Other $3,000,000
Patriots UFA $27,000,000
Vikings UFA $27,000,000
Titans UFA $27,000,000

Did Randy Moss win a Super Bowl with Tom Brady?

Tom Brady. Tom Brady certainly did not need Randy Moss to win a Super Bowl, and unfortunately the tandem never did, but the wide receiver impacted Tom’s career in a number of different ways.

How much money did Randy Moss make in his NFL career?

According to Spotrac, Randy Moss has earned $82,488,499 in his 14 years in the NFL. In 2018, he was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame along with Ray Lewis and Terrell Owens.

How much does Tom Brady make?

As for how Brady’s contract breaks down, Pro Football Network reports that Brady will earn $15 million salaries for each season, with $10 million roster bonuses. According to the site, Brady’s salary counts for 14.1 percent of the Buccaneers’ salary cap, which is estimated at more than $30 million for 2021.

Who was Randy Moss best QB?

2007 Tom Brady was the best quarterback Randy Moss ever played with.

What is Tom Brady’s overall net worth?

Tom Brady net worth in 2022: $400 million. Tom Brady’s net worth is a whopping $250 million. That number was due to grow after signing an insanely massive deal with Fox Sports to be a broadcaster following retirement, but Brady returned to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for the 2022 season.