What’s Joe Kenda doing now?

He is featured on the Investigation Discovery television show Homicide Hunter, where he recounts stories of cases he has solved. Kenda also hosts the Discovery+ show American Detective.

What new show is Joe Kenda going to be on?

With his gruff voice and no-nonsense demeanor, Kenda leads viewers through labyrinthine cases that have plagued him for decades. The first installment, ‘Homicide Hunter: Never Give Up‘ premieres on ID on August 17, 2022.

Is Lieutenant Joe Kenda retired?

Joe Kenda Retired Colorado Springs Police Lt. The Host of “Homicide Hunter” | iHeart.

Is Joe Kenda married?

Mary Kathleen Mohler Kenda
Joe Kenda / Spouse (m. 1967)

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Does Joe Kenda have a photographic memory?

With a photographic memory and no-nonsense demeanor, Lt. Joe Kenda captivates viewers with stories of murder cases he solved throughout his 23-year-long career on the hit ID series HOMICIDE HUNTER.

What nationality is Joe Kenda?

Joe Kenda / Nationality

Who plays Lt Joe Kenda’s wife?

Porsha Ferguson
Born Porsha Uvonne Ferguson November 8, 1989 Memphis, Tennessee
Citizenship United States
Education The Juilliard School and The Barrow Group
Alma mater Clayton State University

Where does Joe Kenda currently live?

Answer: I live in Virginia. We moved out of Colorado Springs in 2014. And we did that because my son is in the U.S. Navy and he’s a nuclear engineer and was a commander in the Navy at the time when we moved.

How old is Carl Marino?

52 years (August 26, 1970)
Carl Marino / Age

Did Joe Kenda drive a school bus?

Kenda retired from the police force, eventually ending up behind the wheel of a school bus transporting special needs students after inquiring about a ‘Help Wanted’ sign he randomly saw. He worked as a bus driver for almost a decade. If television hadn’t come knocking, Kenda would have stayed at this post.

Where is Lt Joe Kenda filmed?

True crime stories of ‘Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda’ film throughout Knoxville. Joe Kenda’s life turned into a tale of true crime, televised 100 times over and filmed in Knoxville. Kenda was a homicide detective for 19 of 23 years with the Colorado Springs Police Department.

Is Homicide Hunter scripted?

On Homicide Hunter, Kenda’s narration of the murder cases he has solved is set to dramatic reenactments. Kenda says he doesn’t use a script while narrating. “You would remember it too if you did it,” he says.