When did Jim Pillen play football for Nebraska?

Senior (1978)

Pillen started at monster for Nebraska and recorded 64 tackles and seven tackles for loss. For the second straight year, Pillen was named All-Big Eight. Pillen recovered a pair of fumbles, including Billy Sims’ fumble late in the fourth quarter of Nebraska’s 17-14 win over Oklahoma.

How many locations does pillen family farms have?

Pillen Family Farms has 26 sites in Nebraska and three in South Dakota, most of them within a 60-mile-wide band north and south of Columbus.

What does Jim Pillen do for a living?

Jim Pillen (born December 31, 1955) is an American businessman and politician. Columbus, Nebraska, U.S. A livestock producer and veterinarian based in Columbus, Nebraska, he is a member of the Nebraska State Board of Regents and its former chair.

Who owns Pillen Family Farms?

Jim Pillen is a pig farmer, veterinarian, and the founder and chairman of Pillen Family Farms and DNA Genetics, a multi-generational family business that employs over 1,100 team members.

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Is Jim Pillen a Democrat or Republican?

Republican Party
Jim Pillen / Party

The Republican Party, also referred to as the GOP, is one of the two major contemporary political parties in the United States. The GOP was founded in 1854 by anti-slavery activists who opposed the Kansas–Nebraska Act, which allowed for the potential expansion of chattel slavery into the western territories.


How many hogs does Jim Pillen own?

Jim and his father, Dale, partnered together, raising 60 sows and 1,200 market hogs on a dirt lot on their home farm.

Which pig company is found in Columbus Nebraska?

Pillen Family Farms is headquartered in Columbus, NE. The company is a multi-generational family-owned farming operation. The company believes in maintaining an environment of respect – for one another, its pigs and farms. Pillen Family Farms was founded in 1960.

How many employees does Jim Pillen have?

Annually, we produce enough pork to feed over 9 million people.

Pillen Family Farms Information.

Website http://www.pillenfamilyfarms.com
Revenue $221 million
Employees 71 (71 on RocketReach)
Address 3214 25th Street, Columbus, Nebraska 68601, US
Phone (402) 564-0407

What is Columbus NE known for?

Columbus is a relatively small city in Nebraska with many tourist attractions and destinations that’ll pique any traveler’s interest. This city in Platte County is best known for its water parks, historical monuments and attractions, and various state parks.

What is the crime rate in Columbus Nebraska?

111.79 per 100,000 population

Is Columbus Nebraska a good place to live?

Columbus, Nebraska has been named multiple times a “Top 100 Best Small Town to Live” according to CNN/Money Magazine, as well as the third best place to find employment.

Who founded Columbus Nebraska?

However, in 1857, the Pawnee signed a treaty whereunder they gave up the bulk of their Nebraska lands, save for a reservation on what is now Nance County, Nebraska. In 1858, the Platte County Commissioners passed an act of incorporation making Columbus a town; at this time there were 16 citizens.