When did Luke Combs meet Nicole Hocking?

Luke Combs first met wife Nicole Hocking in May 2016 while they were both attending the Key West Songwriters Festival. By September 2016, Luke and Nicole were officially dating; and the country star proposed two years later. Luke wed wife Nicole on Aug. 1, 2020, and the newlyweds are already enjoying married life.

What does Nicole Hocking Combs do for a living?

While she’s not a celeb herself, Hocking was the one with the big career when she and Combs met. In fact, she holds a degree in civil engineering from Florida Coast University (she’s a Sunshine State native who grew up in Fort Myers). She currently works as a recruiting coordinator at Broadcast Music Inc.

How long have Nicole and Luke Combs been together?

How long have Luke Combs and his wife been together? Luke and Nicole have been officially dating since September 2016. In September 2021, they will have been together for five years.

Is Nicole Hocking in Luke Combs When It Rains It Pours video?

The song’s music video retells the story, featuring Combs encountering his ex-girlfriend, and then driving, celebrating with his friends, getting a phone number from a waitress (played by his then-girlfriend, now wife Nicole Hocking), and celebrating over winning money on a lottery ticket.

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Did Luke Combs cry at his wedding?

Combs continued to say that his favorite part of the entire occasion was seeing his now wife Nicole for the first time, and he admitted that he had “a pretty solid feeling” that he would end up crying during the wedding.

What song did Luke Combs write for his wedding?

Beautiful Crazy

This is among the biggest country music hits written and recorded by Luke Combs, and it is sure to be a wedding favorite for many years to come.

How much is Luke Combs worth 2022?

As of October 2022, Luke Combs’ net worth is roughly $5 Million. What is this? Luke Combs is an American country music singer and songwriter.

What was Luke Combs first dance song at his wedding?

Now in a recent interview with Taste Of Country, Combs revealed that the couple danced to his song “Beautiful Crazy” for their first dance. The song that Combs’ wrote that was inspired by Nicole. “We danced to a song called ‘Beautiful Crazy’ by Luke Combs,” the country superstar revealed.

What songs did Luke Combs wrote for his wife?

Luke Combs Wrote “Crazy Beautiful” for His Wife Nicole Before They Even Officially Began Dating.

Is Luke Combs daughter in his video?

For Adam’s part in the video, they headed to his home in Boone to film and also included his wife and young daughter, Lilly, which he was thrilled to be a part of: “It couldn’t be more of an honor for me and my family to be a part of Luke’s journey and to be in the ‘Doin’ This’ video.

Is Luke Combs wife in his music videos?

So excited to share more of this day soon. much love! Footage from their wedding is featured in Luke’s “Forever after All” music video.

Who is in Luke Combs video Forever After All?

Luke is making his grandfather, his parents and his whole family proud. And part of his family – including his wife Nicole, is featured in the music video for his number-one smash hit “Forever After All.”