When was Anna McNulty born?

Anna McNulty (born: April 26, 2002 (2002-04-26) [age 20]), is a Canadian gymnast and YouTube star who became known to the internet community after posting pictures and videos of her acrobatic styles and flexibility on Instagram.

Does Anna McNulty have a Pinterest account?

Anna McNulty ✔ (anna_mcnulty_) – Profile | Pinterest.

What is Anna McNulty’s age?

How old is Anna McNulty? Anna McNulty’s age is 19 years as of 2022. When is Anna McNulty’s birthday? She celebrates her birthday on the 26th of April each year.

Was Anna McNulty on AGT?

Anna McNulty’s audition in Episode 1608 consisted of doing contortion tricks mimicking the hands of a clock. All four judges voted “Yes” sending her to the next round.

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What movies has Anna McNulty been in?

  • Known For. MGC Presents Red Casting Director (2018)
  • National Theatre Live: King Lear Casting Director (2011)
  • Pop Art Casting Department (2008)
  • Performance Casting Director (1997)
  • Casting Director. MGC Presents Red (2018)
  • National Theatre Live: King Lear (2011)
  • Casting Director. Performance (1997)
  • Cabaret (1993)

How old is Amybeth McNulty?

20 years (November 7, 2001)
Amybeth McNulty / Age

What is Sofie Dossi height?

5′ 1″
Sofie Dossi / Height

Is Sofie Dossi a gymnast?

Contortionist Sofie Dossi is back! Returning to the America’s Got Talent stage to compete on the new Champions spinoff, the 17-year-old gymnast first made a name for herself on the show in 2016 for doing all sorts of dangerous acts while bending her body in super-human ways. So, how does she do it?

Does Sophia have a spine?

Yes, she has a spine. If she didn’t, it’d be very hard for her to stand up straight. She is just very, very flexible… so flexible, that watching this video made my back hurt.

Who is the most flexible person on earth?

Daniel Browning Smith, also known as The Rubberboy (born May 8, 1979), is an American contortionist, actor, television host, comedian, sports entertainer, and stuntman and , who holds the title of the most flexible person in history, owning a total of seven Guinness World Records.

Is gymnastics the hardest sport in the world?

Science finally has some facts to prove what we have known all along – Gymnastics is the most difficult sport on the planet, both mentally and physically. And here are the scientific facts and statistics to prove it.

What is the hardest sport for a girl?


It is often regarded as one of the most physically demanding sports in the world. In addition, basketball is arguably the hardest sport for a girl. On a rectangular court, two teams of at least five players each compete in the team game of basketball.