When was Antwain born?

When was Antwain Smith born? Antwain Smith was born on May 1, 1975.

How old is Antwain TJ Fowler?

South Florida and the internet are mourning the death of Antwain “TJ” Fowler, a 6-year-old social media star from Miami who died last week after a years-long battle with a rare illness.

Who is antwain mom?

Known for his viral catchphrase “where we bout to eat?” the late Antwain Fowler had such a major impact on the world. Despite a heavy heart, the social media star’s mother Christina B., felt inspired to open a seafood restaurant in rememberance of her son.

How old is antwaine?

Antwain Fowler, viral video star, dies at age 6.

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How did Antwain Fowler pass?

Internet Star Antwain Fowler Dies at 6—What to Know About Autoimmune Enteropathy, the Rare Condition He Had.

What is the meaning of Antwain?

Antwain is American Boy name and meaning of this name is “Beyond Price, Invaluable“.

Is Antwan a black name?

Antwan—a variant of the French name Antoine—is a male given name commonly used among African Americans.

Is Antwan a Boy name?

Antwan as a boy’s name is of French origin meaning “priceless or inestimable worth”.

Is Antwan a Girl name?

The name Antwan is primarily a male name of American origin that means Alternate Spelling Of The Name Antoine.

What was antwain famous for?

Antwain Fowler, a six-year-old boy who became famous for his ‘where we about to eat at’ video has passed away.

Who is Antwain Lee Fowler?

He garnered massive popularity for his comedic memes while showcasing his big personality through lifestyle and adventure photos. His final YouTube video entitled “Fighting with Antwain video update” showcased him performing karate. His _Antwainsworld Instagram account also gained more than 700,000 followers.

What happened to the kid antwain?

An exact cause of death is not yet known, however, he was diagnosed with the disease called autoimmune enteropathy (AIE) in July 2015. He underwent over 25 surgeries in just five years, and was hospitalized “countless times” because of his condition.