When was Chan born?

October 3, 1997 (age 25 years)
Bang Chan / Date of birth

How old was Chan when he moved to Korea?

In 2010, at the age of 13, he passed a local audition in Australia for the K-pop label JYP Entertainment. Despite his young age, he moved to Korea to train at JYPE. During his time at the company, Chan made many close friends including GOT7, TWICE and DAY6.

Is Chan full Korean?

Christopher Chan Bang (born October 3, 1997), better known by his Korean name and stage name Bang Chan (Korean: 방찬), is a Korean-Australian singer, rapper, songwriter, and composer from the South Korean boy group Stray Kids under JYP Entertainment.

Who is Stray Kids leader?

Bang Chan is the oldest member and the leader of Stray Kids. His full name is Bang Christopher Chan.

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Is Lee know left handed?

But the fault is Lee Know’s He’s an ambidextrous. He sometimes uses left hand, sometimes right hand. That’s why some people get more confused.

What are Stray Kids fans called?

STAY is the official fandom name for the South Korean boy group Stray Kids.

Who is the leader of Ive?

Name Position(s) Color
An Yujin (안유진) Leader, Vocalist Magenta
Rei (레이) Rapper, Vocalist Green
Jang Wonyoung (장원영) Vocalist Red
Liz (리즈) Vocalist Cyan

Who is the most popular in Stray Kids?

Why is Hyunjin the most popular member of Stray Kids? Would you say that Lee Know is one of the more popular or less popular members among Stray Kids?

Is Skz 4th gen?

Stray Kids Are The First 4th Generation K-Pop Group To Be On The Cover Of “Billboard” — Here’s How You Can Get A Collector’s Copy. They all look so good, too!

Who is the leader of Nmixx?

6) Haewon – NMIXX (February 25, 2003)

Haewon, a 19-year-old South Korean singer under JYP Entertainment, is the leader of the K-pop girl group NMIXX. She is one of the youngest K-pop leaders among popular girl groups in the industry. On November 5, 2021, Haewon was confirmed as the group’s sixth member.

What is NMIXX fandom name?

On March 1, during their debut showcase, it was revealed that their fandom name would be ‘NSWER‘.

Who is Blackpink leader?

Who leads BLACKPINK? There is no official leader of BLACKPINK. The four members of the group, Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa all have different roles to perform and do not seem to stand out amongst one another, which is always great for a musical group.