When was Finn born Daily Bumps?

Missy gave birth to their second son Finley Jay, via C-section on October 24, 2015. Both Missy and Bryan have their own personal channels.

How many kids does Missy Lanning have?

She lives with her husband Bryan Lanning and their children Oliver and Finley and their 2 dogs named Karma and Luna.

What is the Daily Bumps last name?

Missy Lanning couldn’t wait to be a mom. “I wanted to document every second of it,” the California native says of starting her blog, Bumps Along the Way, in 2011.

What does Bryan from Daily Bumps do?

Bryan Lanning is a Country singer-songwriter, father of 3, and YouTuber in the popular family vlog “Daily Bumps”.

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Why did Missy and Bryan move?

Lanning, his wife Missy and their two sons Ollie and Finne made the move with the hopes that they would get to spend more quality time together while, at the same time, gaining the freedom to embark on new and exciting experiences pretty much anytime they wanted to.

How many kids does Missy and Bryan Lanning have?

Has two sons with husband, Bryan Lanning – Oliver Lanning (b. July 27, 2013) and Finley Lanning (b. October 24, 2015).

Where is Bryan Lanning from?

California, United States
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Is Lanning still coaching Georgia?

After the conclusion of the 2021 season, Lanning will leave Georgia to become the next head coach at Oregon.

Where is Dan Lanning going?

On December 11, 2021, Lanning was named the 35th head coach at the University of Oregon, replacing Mario Cristobal after his departure to become the head coach at the University of Miami.

What genre is Bryan Lanning?

Bryan Lanning first got his start on YouTube by vlogging his life for his 5 million subscribers, but when his debut Country album “Same Town” premiered at #9 on the iTunes Country Album Charts in 2020, it certified Bryan as Country Music’s newest contender.

Where did Dan Lanning grow up?

Born in North Kansas City, Mo., Lanning spent his playing days as a linebacker at William Jewell College in Liberty, Mo.

Where did Lanning coach before Georgia?

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