When was taytum Fisher born?

Taytum Fisher (born June 23, 2016) is an American child actress, and the identical twin sister of Oakley Fisher.

How do you tell taytum and Oakley apart?

What is taytum Fisher full name?

Taytum Nicole Fisher (born on June 23, 2016) is a young model, actress, and dancer from California.

What is Oakley Fisher full name?

Oakley Madison Fisher (born on June 23, 2016) is a young model, dancer, and actress from California. Her twin sister, Taytum Fisher, is involved in those same activities. Taytum and Oakley are the firstborn daughters of YouTube stars Kyler Fisher and Madison Fisher (neé Bontempo).

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Are taytum and Oakley cousins with everleigh?

We are excited to learn from our older cousin Everleigh❤️ Come back and play with us!!!

Who played the twin babies in PLL?

Oakley Fisher (born June 23, 2016) is an American child actress, and identical twin sister to actress Taytum Fisher. She is best known for playing Lily, one of Emily and Alison’s twin daughters in the seventh season of Pretty Little Liars.

What is Cohen Fisher’s middle name?

Cohen Brooks Fisher 💙 Born April 25th ..

What is taytum and Oakley’s last name?

Taytum Fisher was born in Los Angeles California USA to Madison Bontempo & Kyler Fisher. She a Social media star who is featured on the Taytum & Oakley Fisher Instagram account. She has gained popularity there for frequently being pictured in her infancy alongside her twin sister Oakley.

What is Kyler Fisher middle name?

Kyler Steven Fisher – IMDb.

What are the Fisher twins names?

Oakley Fisher was born to Madison & Kyler Fisher in California USA alongside her twin sister Taytum. She a Instagram star and one half of the Fisher twins who have starred in film and television since birth.

What middle names go with Oakley?

Girl Middle Names for Oakley
Oakley Alena (light)
Oakley Ingrid (beautiful)
Oakley Isabel (God is my oath)
Oakley June (young)
Oakley Juniper (juniperberry, evergreen)

What are Kyler and mad kids names?

They needed to become full-time creators. Three years ago, Kyler was working as a salesman, and his job required frequent travel. Leaving Madison had always been hard, but after she gave birth to their first children, twin daughters Taytum and Oakley, the separation was unbearable. They knew something needed to change.