When was yvngxchris born?

Christian Eugene Williams (born November 21, 2004), known professionally as yvngxchris (pronounced as “Yung Chris”), is an American rapper from Virginia. He is better known for his unreleased song “Blood On The Leaves” which received traction on TikTok.

What is yvngxchris age?

18 years (November 21, 2004)
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When did yvngxchris start making music?

Yvngxchris jumped into rap in 2017, influenced by his father playing a lot of hip-hop around him, most notably, Lil Wayne.

Where did yvngxchris grow up?

Yvngxchris, born Christian Williams, calls Portsmouth, Va. home, but his family was always on the move due to his father being in the Navy. At 4 years old, Chris, his parents and little sister Kyra moved to Florida before heading back up North to Chesapeake, Va. four years later.

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Where did 2KBABY grow up?

Growing up in Louisville, 2KBABY and his little brother didn’t have anyone else to depend on, so they had to fight for their survival from a young age.

Where was yvngxchris born?

Portsmouth, Virginia, United States
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Portsmouth is an independent city in southeast Virginia and across the Elizabeth River from Norfolk. As of the 2020 census, the population was 97,915. It is part of the Hampton Roads metropolitan area.


Where did BabySantana grow up?

Growing up in Columbus, Georgia, BabySantana and his older brother used to work at a bread factory, where he would save up money to buy equipment to make songs — along with financial help from his supportive mother.

What city is BabySantana from?

Columbus, Georgia, United States
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Where did Lil loaded grow?

Early life. Robertson was born in San Bernardino, California, and raised in Dallas, Texas.

Where did Lil bean grow up?

Lil Bean was raised in San Francisco’s Geneva Towers housing project, surrounded at an early age by the sound of his father’s records.

Where is ZayBang from?

The San Fran native draws on real-life struggles—everything from a jail stint to losing his brother in 2012—to fuel his music. In 2019, he released his debut single, “Ball,” featuring fellow San Francisco rapper Lil Bean. That same year, ZayBang released his debut mixtape, Caught in the Crossfire.

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