Where are Bryan and Sarah Baeumler living now?

Well, on the show “Renovation Island,” you can follow along as Bryan and Sarah Baeumler do just that. They pack up their lives and four children and head to South Andros, a lush island in The Bahamas. They’ve purchased a dilapidated beachside resort on a leap of faith.

Why did island of Bryan stop?

Six-weeks after the Caerula Mar Club opened, Sarah and Bryan Baeumler had to shut down the resort due to the restrictions to help control the COVID-19 pandemic.

Is island of Bryan returning in 2022?

Season 4 and season 5 were greenlit for Fall 2022 and Fall 2023, with 8 hour-long episodes each. The seasons will cover further Bahamas resort stuff, and renovations to their Florida taxiway house.

What did Sarah Baeumler do before she was married?

Bryan Baeumler
Sarah Baeumler / Spouse (m. 2004)

Bryan Baeumler is a Canadian television host on several HGTV/HGTV Canada shows. A former handyman and businessman, he translated those careers into a series of TV shows about home renovations in Canada and expanding to hotel renovations in the Bahamas.


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Are Bryan and Sarah Baeumler living in Florida?

The stars of HGTV’s Renovation Island have moved from Canada to Florida to be closer to their Caerula Mar Club resort. But their new home isn’t exactly in move-in condition. In the third season of their show, Bryan and Sarah Baeumler work on updating the 4,500-square-foot house.

Where did the Baeumlers buy a house in Florida?

‘Renovation Island’: The Baeumlers Update Their Wellington, Florida, Home in New Season in 2022 | Wellington florida, Sarah baeumler, Florida.

What work did Sarah Baeumler do?

Sarah is a trained ballerina

For several years, she ran her own dance studio, but eventually gave it up to help her husband as his reality TV career took off. Sarah has no regrets, though, telling Millionairess Magazine that working in interior design fulfills her creative side.

Is Sarah Baeumler really a designer?

Designer and creative entrepreneur Sarah Baeumler stars alongside her husband, Bryan, in their HGTV series Renovation Island.

How did Brian Meet Sarah Baeumler?

According to TRNTO, Bryan and Sarah met in high school but didn’t start dating until 10 years later. They stayed connected throughout university and their post-graduate programs. Fast forward to 2001 — Bryan and Sarah were copied in the same email by a friend which spurred them to start talking again.

How many children do Sarah and Bryan Baeumler have?

The Baeumler Kids Are Growing Up On The Island

According to HGTV, Sarah and Bryan Baeumler married in 2004 after dating for a few years. In 2006, they had their first child, Quintyn, followed by three more: Charlotte, Lincoln, and Josephine.

Is Caerula Mar Club closed?

After careful assessment of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, Caerula Mar Club is temporarily closed.

Is Sarah and Bryan Baeumler still together?

So yes, Bryan and Sarah Baeumler are still together despite ‘Renovation Island’ tiffs. Look, if you’re building something with someone and are living in tight spaces, even if it is in an island paradise like Bermuda, you’re going to have some tensions and passions flare up every once in a while.