Where did Pete DeLuca go?

Reporter. Pete DeLuca is a reporter for WPXI Channel 11 News. The Philadelphia, PA-native made his way to Western PA in October 2021, after spending eight years in Virginia.

Are Gabriella and Pete DeLuca related?

WPXI-TV reporters Gabriella DeLuca and Pete DeLuca share a last name but they are not related.

Is Gabriella Gabby?

Girls who are named Gabriella often take on a shorter version of the name, such as Bella, Ella, Gab and Gabbi.

Who are the news anchors on Wpxi?

  • David Johnson.
  • Gordon Loesch.
  • Susan Koeppen.
  • Liz Kilmer.
  • Rick Earle.
  • Trisha Pittman.
  • Gabriella DeLuca.
  • Rich Pierce.

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Where did Joe Arena go from WPXI?

He has accepted an offer to become the lead weekday anchor at News 12 Long Island.

Who recently left WPXI?

FAMILY FIRST…Ryan Houston leaving WPXI-TV to help a sick relative in central Arkansas. For Ryan Houston, it’s family first. You’ve seen him come into your living rooms, detailing the news on WPXI-TV (Channel 11) for nearly three years.

Is Lisa Sylvester still married?

David Sylvester knows how rare it is to be as passionately in love with his wife, Lisa, as he is after 32 years together.

Where did Susan Koeppen go?

I’m Susan, a 9-time Emmy award-winning journalist with a PASSION for telling stories and talking to people. Currently, I work as the 4pm news anchor at WPXI, the NBC station in Pittsburgh.

Who is the new meteorologist on WPXI?

Jessica Faith, WPXI-TV.

Where is Tiffany Kenney?

Tiffany lives in Palm Beach County with her husband, Scott, and their two children.

Why is Peggy Finnegan back on WPXI?

Peggy Finnegan reuniting with WPXI-TV for Tokyo Olympics coverage. Another familiar face is returning to the air on WPXI-TV. Peggy Finnegan, who retired from Channel 11 in late 2020 after 30 years with the station, will return to WPXI to help out with its coverage of the 2021 Tokyo Olympics.

Is Michelle Newell still with WPXI?

Pittsburgh, Penn., reporter Michele Newell is making a move within Cox Media Group. On Friday, Newell is leaving the Pittsburgh NBC affiliate WPXI for the Cox station in Atlanta. Newell, who has worked at NBC affiliate WPXI since 2018, will join Atlanta ABC affiliate WSB as a reporter in November.