Where does Tina Brown live now?

She is the mother of two children and lives in New York City.

Is Tina Brown a US citizen?

Born a British citizen, she now holds joint citizenship after she took United States citizenship in 2005, following her emigration in 1984 to edit Vanity Fair. Having been editor-in-chief of Tatler magazine at the age of 25 in London, she edited Vanity Fair from 1984 to 1992 and The New Yorker from 1992 to 1998.

Where does Tina Brown work now?

Since her Tatler days, Brown has gone on to edit Vanity Fair, The New Yorker, and, most recently, The Daily Beast (which she also founded), in addition to other prominent masthead appointments.

Who is Tina Brown married to?

Harold Evans
Tina Brown / Spouse (m. 1981–2020)

Sir Harold Matthew Evans was a British-American journalist and writer. In his career in his native Britain, he was editor of The Sunday Times from 1967 to 1981, and its sister title The Times for a year from 1981, before being forced out of the latter post by Rupert Murdoch.


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Who owns the beast?

The Daily Beast
Type of site News
Headquarters United States
Owner The Daily Beast Company LLC (IAC)
Created by Tina Brown
Editor Tracy Connor

Is Tina Brown a Republican?

Republican Party
Tina Brown / Party

The Republican Party, also referred to as the GOP, is one of the two major contemporary political parties in the United States. The GOP was founded in 1854 by anti-slavery activists who opposed the Kansas–Nebraska Act, which allowed for the potential expansion of chattel slavery into the western territories.


Who is Tina Brown to Bobby Brown?

Tina Brown, sister of Whitney’s ex-husband Bobby, told the Blast that she had sold the photo to the National Enquirer in 2006. The publication owned the rights to the photo. “Kanye West did not purchase the picture from me or my son [Shayne Brown],” she said.

What age is Tina Brown?

69 years (November 21, 1953)
Tina Brown / Age

Who is Bobby Brown’s sister?

Leolah Brown
Bobby Brown / Sister

When was Tina Brown born?

Tina Brown, byname of Christina Hambley Brown, (born November 21, 1953, Maidenhead, England), English American magazine editor and writer whose exacting sensibilities and prescient understanding of popular culture were credited with revitalizing the sales of such publications as Vanity Fair and The New Yorker.

How old was Tina Turner when she had her first child?

Turner was 18 years of age when she gave birth to her eldest son Craig in 1958. His biological father was Kings of Rhythm saxophonist Raymond Hill, and he was adopted by Ike Turner. He was found dead in July 2018 in an apparent suicide.

Who founded the daily beast?

The Daily Beast was founded in 2008 by Tina Brown, former editor of Vanity Fair and The New Yorker as well as the short-lived Talk Magazine.