Where is Angel Locsin House?

LOOK: Angel Locsin’s lake house in Caliraya is the perfect escape from the busy city. Angel Locsin and Neil Arce gave a glimpse of their lake house in Caliraya, Laguna, which serves as their escape from the bustling metro.

Does Angel Locsin have a child?

Angel Locsin disclosed that she and her husband, businessman-producer Neil Arce are not yet planning on having a baby as they are still dealing with her thyroid problem.

What is the height of Angel Locsin?

5′ 5″
Angel Locsin / Height

How tall is Jane de Leon?

5′ 3″
Jane De Leon / Height

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How old is Shaina Magdayao now?

32 years (November 6, 1989)
Shaina Magdayao / Age

What is the height of Maja Salvador?

5′ 0″
Maja Salvador / Height

How tall is Kathryn?

5′ 2″
Kathryn Bernardo / Height

What is the height of Bea Alonzo?

5′ 7″
Bea Alonzo / Height

What is the height of Angelica Panganiban?

5′ 6″
Angelica Panganiban / Height

Who is Angelica’s boyfriend?

Angelica Panganiban and boyfriend Gregg Homan are excited to reveal their baby’s assigned gender. Angelica Pangniban and non-showbiz partner Gregg Homan are ready to be first-time parents to a baby girl! The couple revealed their baby’s gender through a small party with their close family and friends.

What nationality is Angelica Panganiban?

Angelica Panganiban / Nationality

Is Angelica Panganiban adopted?

She was adopted by Annabelle Panganiban when she was a baby, and her grandparents Adolfo and Mila Panganiban, helped raise her. In an interview on the show ‘Banana Split’ her grandmother Mila calls her ‘Angel’ because she says, it’s as if God sent Angelica to their family as a blessing.