Where is Ashley from beyond scared straight now?

Ashley Tropez has died. More than a decade after she appeared on A&E’s Beyond Scared Straight, a reality show that aimed to help troubled youth turn their lives around, Tropez was found dead in an abandoned house, the San Bernardino County Sheriff-Coroner Department said in a press release. She was 24.Aug 30, 2565 BE

How old is Ashley from Beyond Scared Straight?

Ashley Tropez, who appeared in an episode of A&E’s Beyond Scared Straight, was found dead in her home in Victorville, California. The police report listed her age as 24, though other sources claim she was 28.Aug 31, 2565 BE

What episode of Beyond Scared Straight is Treszura?

treszura season 2 episode 10 #beyondscaredstraight #jail #glowups #TheProm #MONCLERBUBBLEUP #GoodMorning #realitytvshow.Dec 14, 2563 BE

When was the last season of Beyond Scared Straight?

The series was inspired by the 1978 American documentary Scared Straight!. Scared Straight! Scared Straight! In June 2015, the network announced the series will end after season 9 which concluded September 3, 2015.

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How many seasons of Beyond Scared Straight?

Beyond Scared Straight / Number of seasons

Who went to jail from Beyond Scared Straight?

Season 5. Toby returned to the show eight months later on Season 5 Episode 2, this time as an inmate. He was incarcerated for allegations of assaulting his Mom.

Did Beyond Scared Straight get Cancelled?

While it is sad when a successful series ends, I’ve decided that it’s time for Beyond Scared Straight to come to a close,” said series creator and executive producer Arnold Shapiro. “I am so proud of the teenage lives that have been changed and even saved over our 83 episodes and six years of production.

Did Beyond Scared Straight end?

September 3, 2015
Beyond Scared Straight / Final episode date

Is Scared Straight still going on?

Two states suspended Scared Straight programs on Friday. California and Maryland prison officials, who welcomed producers of Beyond Scared Straight into their high security facilities, are now backing away from the show and the confrontational diversion program for troubled teens.Feb 4, 2554 BE

When did Season 9 of Beyond Scared Straight come out?

Season 9
No. Title Originally aired
1 Fulton County, GA: Wasted Time June 25, 2015
2 Floyd, GA: Dep. Lyle Lays Down the Law July 2, 2015
3 Portsmouth, VA: Jail House Cookies July 9, 2015
4 Chester, SC: Cornflake, Sandbag & Frozen July 16, 2015

Who was the youngest person on Beyond Scared Straight?

Franklin Morris on Beyond Scared Straight

He was just 14 years old when he appeared on the show and had been convicted of gambling and vandalism.Sep 16, 2563 BE

Was Beyond Scared Straight real?

It is fake, though it is in real prisons and it is with real prisoners. The prisoners who are chosen are not aggressive and act on a script, as do the kids who come in. It’s so fake that nothing would change if everything in the show was fake.