Where is Bill Superfoot Wallace now?

Bill “Superfoot” Wallace was one of the true pioneers of Full Contact Karate (Kickboxing). Today Bill lives in Boynton Beach, Florida but he was born in Portland, Indiana, and trained in wrestling during his high school years.

How old is Bill Superfoot Wallace?

77 years (December 1, 1945)
Bill Wallace / Age

How tall is Bill Superfoot Wallace?

1.78 m
Bill Wallace / Height

How fast can bill Superfoot Wallace kick?

He was quickly known for his fast left leg kicks, especially his roundhouse kick and his hook kick, which was clocked at about 60 mph. This is where his nickname, “Superfoot” originated.

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What is the strongest kick in history?

Shogun Rua shows some brute strength by demonstrating the single hardest strike Sport Science has recorded – 2,749lbs of force.

Who is the fastest kickboxer?

Pavel Viktorovich Trusov (born 30 September 1994) is a Russian kickboxer. He holds two Guinness World Records for the most full extension punches in one minute and three minutes. His official count is 334 punches in one minute (since beaten) and 919 punches in three minutes.

Which martial artist has the fastest kick?

There has been much research done and the best answer seems to be, that the fastest kick “on record” is still held by Frank Dux at 102.3 feet per second (70+ MPH). The fastest punch on record is still held by Bruce Lee at . 3 of a second. Jo Wan and 6 others like this.

What degree black belt is Bill Wallace?

He is a legitimate tenth degree black belt and a true pioneering legend in North American karate. He was the Professional Karate Association middleweight world full-contact kickboxing champion for nearly six years before retiring undefeated.

Who was Elvis karate instructor?

When he returned to Memphis, Elvis earned his first-degree black belt in 1960 under Chito-Ryu stylist Hank Slemansky. Later, he trained in a Memphis dojo under Master Kang Rhee, who bestowed upon him a seventh degree black belt in March of 1973 and his eighth in September of 1974.

Who did Bill Wallace train?

Bill Wallace taught martial arts to John Belushi. In fact, he was the one who found the actor’s body after he died from an overdose in 1982.

Did Bill Wallace teach Elvis?

Wallace, who has appeared in films alongside the likes of Jackie Chan, Dan Ackroyd and John Belushi, recalled his time as Elvis’s personal trainer, saying: “He was a good martial artist.

Did Chuck Norris tell Bruce Lee to change his kicks?

Few Hollywood friendships are as legendary as Chucks Norris and Bruce Lee’s. The two had first crossed paths with one another during the 1960s. At the time Lee was starred in Green Hornet as Kato while Norris was opening and managing multiple karate studios.