Where is Dr Donald Cline now?

Cline is still alive today, still living in his hometown in Indiana, and is believed to be in his 80s. However, the real punch to the gut is that – besides not feeling remorse for his actions – some of his children live only a few blocks away from him.

Did Donald Cline get charged?

Ganote helped link Cline to the siblings, as well as proof that he lied to investigators looking into the claims he fathered the children. Cline was ultimately charged with two counts of obstruction of justice.

How many children did Donald Cline father?

In 2017, he was convicted on six obstruction of justice felonies connected to a fertility fraud investigation. As of May 11, 2022, Cline has been confirmed as the biological father of 94 doctor-conceived offspring.

Is Dr Donald Cline married?

Who is Donald Cline’s wife, Susie? Not much information is known about Susie, but per Netflix Life, the documentary confirms she also received fertility treatment from her husband. The pair share two children, Donna and Doug Cline.

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Is Dr Donald Cline still living?

Speaking to The Guardian in May 2022, Ballard confirmed that Cline is currently alive and in his mid-80s, despite rumors that he died. Our Father director Lucie Jourdan confirmed this, reporting he’s still “active around his community” and frequently attends his grandchildren’s events.

How many Dr Cline siblings are there now?

As of the Our Father production, there are currently 94 Cline siblings – however, it’s thought that there could be more. As further DNA tests are concluded, the number is expected to increase – a worrying concern for each of the siblings, many of whom happen to live within close proximity to one another.

How many Cline siblings are there now 2022?

At the end, it’s revealed that there are at least 94 Cline siblings.

How did Dr Cline get away with it?

Cline, now a retiree, did end up in court in 2017, but it wasn’t on charges of rape or battery. Instead, the charge that took him there was obstruction of justice — he had lied to prosecutors during their investigation. This meant that the evidence of Cline’s actions involving his former patients was not admissible.

Did Dr Cline lose his medical license?

After pleading guilty, he received a year of probation, paid a $500 fine, and lost his medical license (though he had retired in 2009), per The Atlantic (opens in new tab). According to Fox59, Cline has paid over $1.3 million in settlements to his victims and their families.

Why did Cline use his sperm?

When asked why he used his own sperm in his patients, Cline said he was only trying to help desperate mothers and families. He then reassured his children that there were only 15 siblings in total, no more than that.

Was Dr Cline ever prosecuted?

In 2017, Cline was convicted of obstruction.

As the documentary notes, Cline was eventually charged of obstructing the state attorney general’s investigation into his actions in 2017. He received no jail time—instead, a judge suspended his sentence and made him pay a $500 fine, plus $185 worth of court costs.

How many kids does Dr Donald Cline have?

First, Cline has two children with his wife, Audrey. And Our Father reveals that Cline fathered 94 children with his patients at the time of filming. It’s also possible that there are more half-siblings out there.