Where is Franklin Delano Floyd?

Marshall’s true identity remained a mystery until 2014 when she was positively identified as Suzanne Marie Sevakis, the daughter of a woman to whom Floyd was briefly married.

Franklin Delano Floyd
Imprisoned at Union Correctional Institution

What happened to Sharon Marshall?

The documentary culminates in Marshall’s murder at the hands of Floyd (along with the revelation that Floyd had killed Marshall’s 2-year-old son).

Who is Megan Dufresne father?

Megan’s biological father remains publicly unknown, although it’s alleged that it’s Floyd. In honour of Suzanne and, Megan’s brother Michael – who was murdered by Floyd – Megan named one of her sons after Michael.

What happened to Philip Brandenburg?

Phillip Brandenburg is Sandra’s son and Suzanne’s half brother. He disappeared after he was kidnapped by Floyd, but it was later discovered that he was adopted by a couple named Mary and Bob Patterson when he was just six weeks old, according to Forensic Magazine. He now goes by the name Steve Patterson.

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How many children did Suzanne sevakis have?

Sadly, she had left behind three children.

What happened to the siblings of the girl in the picture?

As mentioned in the documentary, Franklin Delano Floyd took Sevakis, her two sisters and her brother, after her mother, Sandra Brandenburg, was imprisoned for writing a bad cheque. Ultimately Floyd only ended up taking Suzanne, changing her name to Sharon Marshall and later Tonya Hughes.

Who is Philip girl in the picture?

Steve, Philip Brandenburg, is in fact Suzanne’s half-brother. Despite a tumultuous childhood—one he didn’t even know about until middle age—he managed to carry on a normal life as unionized job at a trucking company, per Forensics Magazine. He is also a father of three and even a grandfather.

What happened to Allison and Amy from girl in the picture?

The two sisters were then found in a local church and raised by Sandra with her new husband in Virginia. Both Allison and Amy Sevakis are now in their fifties and are said to live in Virginia.

What happened to Michael Hughes?

Hughes was initially sentenced to life without parole for the murders of four women and girls in California. Later, he was convicted of committing three further murders of women, linked to the crimes via DNA profiling. At the second trial, he was sentenced to the death penalty. Michigan, U.S.

Who is Cheryl Commesso?

Cheryl Ann Commesso, seen in Netflix’s new true crime documentary “Girl In The Picture,” was one of Franklin Delano Floyd’s victims. He was convicted in her 1989 murder. Cheryl Ann Commesso is one of the many victims at the heart of a disturbing case revisited in the Netflix documentary “Girl in the Picture.”

Who is the real Cheryl Ann?

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How many kids did Sharon Marshall have?

What Happened To Suzanne Sevakis’ Kids, Seen In Netflix’s ‘Girl In The Picture’? Kidnapping victim Suzanne Sevakis — under the names Sharon Marshall and Tonya Hughes — had three children, including Michael Hughes and Megan Dufrense.