Where is Julianna Rose Mauriello from?

Irvington, New York, United States
Julianna Rose Mauriello / Place of birth

Irvington, sometimes known as Irvington-on-Hudson, is an affluent suburban village in the town of Greenburgh in Westchester County, New York, United States.


How tall is Julianna Rose Mauriello?

1.64 m
Julianna Rose Mauriello / Height

Who played Stephanie LazyTown in 2002?

LazyTown (TV Series 2002–2014) – Julianna Rose Mauriello as Stephanie – IMDb.

What is the LazyTown girl doing now?

However, The List has reported that she then left acting completely to focus on her education. She reportedly attended Columbia University where she studied Occupational Therapy and now lives a far more private life.

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What happened to Julianna Rose from LazyTown?

Mauriello stayed on the series for two seasons and even relocated to Iceland, where they filmed LazyTown. When she outgrew the role, she had to quit the show (via IMDb). Since then, the actress left the entertainment industry and focused on something that secured her future.

How many Stephanie’s are there in LazyTown?

The energetic character was actually played by not one but two actresses during the run of the show from 2004 to 2014, but the first star is now 30. The show featured eight-year-old Stephanie who moved to LazyTown to live with her uncle, Mayor Meanswell.

Who played Stephanie on LazyTown pilot?

The role of Stephanie was played by Shelby Young and a few puppets were also featured. Ziggy in front of the Mayor’s house. The pilot episode was made to promote LazyTown as a TV show for Nick Jr. Before every clip started, the original LazyTown logo and the title of the clip was showed on a white background.

How old is Ziggy from LazyTown?

According to the original LazyTown website, Ziggy is 6 years old.

How old is Chloe Lang?

20 years (November 14, 2001)
Chloe Lang / Age

Where is Chloe Lang now?

Education. Lazy Town Chloe Lang is now a student of Pace University in New York. She is studying Arts and Entertainment Management. She also attended Visual Arts High School for all 4 years.

Where is Chloe Lang from?

Connecticut, United States
Chloe Lang / Place of birth

When was the show LazyTown made?

August 16, 2004
LazyTown / First episode date