Where is Mark Wiens right now?

My wife Ying and I are based in Thailand, but we frequently travel while making food videos, and blogging. We also occasionally do freelance projects like write about Thai food and take food photos.

Who is Mark Wiens wife?

Ying Wiens
Mark Wiens / Wife (m. 2013)

What is Mark Wiens nationality?

Mark Wiens / Nationality

Does Mark Wiens own a restaurant?

Born to an American father and Chinese mother in Arizona, US, he resides in Bangkok with his wife Ying, a chef, and their almost six-year-old son Micah. The couple runs a Thai restaurant called Phed Mark, which specialises in pad kaprao offered in five levels of spiciness.

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Who is the guy with Mark Wiens?

I write for these 2 blogs on behalf of Mark Wiens (migrationology.com, and www.eatingthaifood.com), and my own YouTube channel can be found by searching my name – Joel Bruner.

What is PHED in Thai?

Phed in Thai means spicy, and Mark is my name. But it’s bit of a play on words because the Thai word for “very much” is Maak. Phed Mark is our name, our slogan, and we are addicted to spicy food!

Who owns PHED mark?

Phed Mark, Mark, Mark. If you haven’t heard of Mark Wiens, may we introduce you to the internet? Since 2009, the spice-loving, Bangkok-based YouTube star has earned a cult following for his food and travel videos, and now he’s about to open his first restaurant, Phed Mark.

Who is Trevor James wife?

James is married to Ting Ting. They first met while on vacation in Turkey in 2015.

When did Mark Wiens start food blogging?

It was during that time, back in early 2009 when I decided to start a blog. With the help of about 10 cups of coffee per day, Migrationology.com was born. I still wasn’t ready to get a job and stay put, so I caught a one way ticket to Bangkok, with no plans other than to eat as much as I could.

How many subscribers does Mark Wiens have?

Mark decided to try vlogging when his fan base was growing and opened a YouTube channel that has grown and made him the most famous YouTuber with over 6.7 million subscribers worldwide.

Where did Mark Wiens go to college?

They later moved to Africa, first to Tandala and then to Kenya, where Wiens graduated high school. He did eventually return to the Valley, taking classes at Glendale Community College for a year before transferring to Arizona State University, where he earned a global studies degree.

When did Mark Wiens open a restaurant?

YouTube foodie sensation Mark Wiens is famous for his love of spicy food. So, it’s no surprise that the food at Mark Wiens’ Bangkok Restaurant Phed Mark, which he opened with his 3 friends in Bangkok in 2019, packs a real punch.