Where is Merritt Patterson from?

Whistler, Canada
Merritt Patterson / Place of birth

Who is Merritt Patterson father?

Dave Patterson
Merritt Patterson / Father

How old is Merritt Patterson?

32 years (September 2, 1990)
Merritt Patterson / Age

How tall is Merritt Patterson?

1.65 m
Merritt Patterson / Height

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What movies has Merritt Patterson been in?

Merritt Patterson/Appears in

What color is Merritt Patterson eyes?

Merritt Patterson with those depending on the light Blue or Grey eyes | Merritt patterson, Woman with blue eyes, Beautiful eyes.

Does Merritt Patterson really play the piano?

Does Merritt Patterson actually play the piano? “I do not. I got to work with Dr. Karen Allred, who’s actually a doctor of music — and she not only composed the music for the film, she also was my hand double.

Which hallmark actors moved to GAC?

In the last year, Great American Media has announced they’ve signed several actors to deals, including Danica McKellar, Jen Lilley, Jessica Lowndes, and Trevor Donovan. And now they’ve plucked one of the shiniest gems from from Hallmark’s crown: Candace Cameron Bure!

Does Merritt Patterson have siblings?

Mackenzie Patterson
Merritt Patterson / Siblings

Where is Richie Merritt Jr from?

Hometown: Baltimore County, Md. Now Lives: In his parents’ house there. Claim to Fame: Richie Merritt is the newly discovered breakout actor in “White Boy Rick,” a crime drama film set in 1980s Detroit starring Matthew McConaughey.

How old is Richie Merritt now?

21 years (April 26, 2001)
Richie Merritt / Age

When was Richie Merritt born?

April 26, 2001 (age 21 years)
Richie Merritt / Date of birth