Where is Pompa on Iron Resurrection?

Cato and Shorty disappeared from “Iron Resurrection” to spend more time with their families and focus on other business ventures. Per Distractify, it is generally believed that Pompa left “Iron Resurrection” for similar reasons, though his exit might be more complicated if the rumors are to be believed.

Is Shorty still with Martin Brothers customs?

The reason reportedly is that he wants to spend more time with his family. For this reason, Shorty will be focusing on the family business which is set in Dallas. Joe Martin and brother Jason Martin will continue to take the show forward.

How old is Mandy from Iron Resurrection?

Amanda Martin’s age is 48 years as of 2022.

Who are the owners of Martin Brothers Customs?

Martin Bros Customs is Owned and Operated by Award Winning Custom Car and Motorcycle Builder Joe Martin. Joe oversees every aspect of each build from Concept to Creation adding his Creative Talents in Custom Fabrication Design and One of a kind Custom Paint jobs.

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Does Joe Martin have children?

Joe Martin, the head of one of the founding families in Pine Valley, was a widower raising two children, Jeff and Tara, when he met Ruth Brent, a nurse at the hospital where he worked. He fell hard for her but she married and had to resist his love and attraction.

Who is Amanda on Iron Resurrection?

Amanda Martin is a television star, business owner, and former top banking executive. She features on Discovery Channel’s reality series Iron Resurrection alongside her husband and other castmates. She co-owns the custom vehicle building and fabrication company named Martin Bros Customs.

Who all left Iron Resurrection?

Both Jayson Arrington and Phil Cato had stepped away from the production to take care of their families, with Cato packing up his business and relocating to Atlanta, Georgia, in order to support his wife in her career change. The move meant that he was no longer available for filming the Texas-based reality TV show.

What happened to Kato on Iron Resurrection?

Cato gave up that reality TV life after his wife got herself an awesome new job opportunity in a new city: Atlanta, Georgia. So the family packed their bags and are living there now where Cato manages Cato’s Upholstery in the Fuller Moto Shop in Ga.

How much did the Martin Brothers trike sell for?

Even sedan-huggers can appreciate the sensuously dangerous artistry of the one-of-a-kind machines. Martin’s bikes sell for about $100,000 to collectors who may never ride them.

Who are the Martin brothers in Martin Brothers Customs?

The show Iron Resurrection is all about the comings and goings at Martin Bros Customs, a car shop in the Texas Hill Country that was known for its great work even before the show started. While it may be called Martin Bros, because of Jason and Joe, the power couple behind it is Joe Martin and his wife, Amanda.

How many people work for Martin Brothers Customs?

Martin Bros Customs corporate office is located in 128 Martin Bros Ln, Johnson City, Texas, 78636, United States and has 3 employees.

Is Iron Resurrection still in business?