Where is Randy Travis now?

Nowadays, Randy Travis spends most of his days with his wife, Mary Davis-Travis, at their ranch just outside Tioga, near Lake Ray Roberts in Cooke County. But did you know that with all the absolute height of fame, fortune, and stardom he got, the country music star endured some dark times?

Why did Randy Travis move to Texas?

After divorcing his long-time manager and wife Elizabeth Hatcher in 2010 after a 19-year relationship, Randy Travis moved to the Chrysalis Ranch in Tioga, TX, north of the Dallas/Fort Worth area with his soon-to-be-wife Mary.

How old is Randy Travis now?

63 years (May 4, 1959)
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Who is Randy Travis wife?

Randy Travis/Wife

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How much older is Randy’s wife?

The couple – who had sixteen years of age gap – tied the knot in 1991. Lib was already almost forty then, when they moved out to North Carolina together.

Is Randy Travis still married to Lib Hatcher?

Personal life. Travis and Elizabeth Hatcher divorced on October 29, 2010, after a 19-year marriage, and their business relationship ended thereafter. He married Mary Davis on March 21, 2015.

Is Randy Travis still married to Mary?

Travis has seven Grammy Awards, six CMA Awards and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Now, it seems that he’s found true happiness with his wife, Mary. She’s his biggest fan and always champions him and his enduring legacy.

Is Lib Hatcher married now?

Elizabeth Hatcher-Travis/Spouse

Is Randy Travis now in a wheelchair?

Fans of Randy Travis were worried for him after they saw him in a wheelchair in the beer pong video posted by Billy Strings. Although the exact reason for the same has not yet been revealed, it can be assumed that the wheelchair is due to the impact of a stroke that Travis suffered back in 2013.

Is Travis Randy Travis still alive?

He is known for his distinctive baritone vocals, delivered in a traditional style that has made him a country music star since the 1980s. By the mid-1990s, Travis saw a decline in his chart success.

Randy Travis
Occupation(s) Singer songwriter actor
Instrument(s) Vocals guitar
Years active 1978–2013, 2016–present

Is Randy Travis still with his wife?

As of now, Randy Travis and wife Mary Davis currently live on their ranch in Texas, where he continues to do physical rehabilitation. And occasionally, he makes special appearances in different events around the country. The couple has no children together.

Did Randy Travis get married?

In 2015, the country superstar surprised everyone when he secretly married Mary Davis – the woman who stood by her side through a long list of woes. Davis has been with Randy Travis beginning from his legal problems in 2012 to his debilitating stroke in 2013.