Where is Robertfrank615 from?

Just ask South Brunswick native Robert Frank, whose ranting bodybuilding motivational and advice videos are “swoleing” up on the Internet. “Swole” is Frank-speak for big. Very big. Frank has 1.2 million followers on his Instagram page, Robertfrank615.

How old is Robert Frank?

94 years (1924–2019)
Robert Frank / Age at death

Did Robert Frank have kids?

Robert Frank/Children

What camera did Robert Frank shoot with?

Frank sailed from Antwerp to New York and immersed himself in the photography scene. He worked as an assistant photographer at Harper’s Bazaar and began publishing in magazines and journals. In the process he picked up a 35-millimeter Leica camera — faster and lighter on the run than his Rolleiflex.

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When was Robert Frank born?

Robert Louis Frank was born in Zurich on Nov. 9, 1924, the younger son of well-to-do Jewish parents. His mother, Regina, was Swiss, but his father, Hermann, a German citizen who became stateless after World War I, had to apply for Swiss citizenship for himself and his two sons.

How old is crank that Frank?

Frank Gioia (born: November 30, 1993 (1993-11-30) [age 28]), better known online as CrankThatFrank, is an American YouTuber known for his reaction and music videos.

What is Robert Frank’s most famous photo?

One of the most important photographs in “The Americans,” one of the most celebrated ones, is this one of the trolleys in New Orleans. It was a picture that Frank made in the fall of 1955, just a few weeks before Rosa Parks in nearby Montgomery, Alabama, had refused to give up her seat on a bus.

What is Robert Frank best known for?

Robert Frank, (born November 9, 1924, Zürich, Switzerland—died September 9, 2019, Inverness, Nova Scotia, Canada), Swiss American photographer and director who was one of the most influential photographers of the mid-20th century, noted for his ironic renderings of American life.

Which lens did Robert Frank use?

It is a Leica 3, manufactured from 1934 with serial number 132545. It is fitted unusually with a 50mm f/1.4 Nikkor s o lens, bearing the number 331845.

Why was Robert Frank’s book criticized?

It challenged the aesthetic of photography

Technical perfection was considered king. However in Frank’s “The Americans”, he was first harshly criticized by critics saying things like the prints were “Flawed by meaningless blur grain, muddy exposure, drunken horizons, and general sloppiness”.

How many photos did Robert Frank take for The Americans?

The Robert Frank Collection

Like Frank’s earlier books, the sequence of 83 pictures in The Americans is non-narrative and nonlinear; instead it uses thematic, formal, conceptual and linguistic devices to link the photographs.

Who is the best street photographer?

Henri Cartier-Bresson

The most famous street photographer of all time is the French photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson (1908 – 2004). He is known for his candid photography and capturing the “decisive moment“. The decisive moment is the precise moment of action.